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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Guide — Lost Item List and Characters

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to what’s going on at the Garreg Mach monastery, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that we have; your students just love leaving their things around. It’s impossible to round a corner on the school grounds without tripping over someone’s lost teddy bear or copy of whatever passes for the Art of War in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Returning the right item to its rightful owner is one of the ways that we recommend building character relationships — and our helpful Romance guide has more advice if snogging is your main motivator. Even if it isn’t, our Fire Emblem Three Houses lost items guide will help you get the right knick-knack back to whichever forgetful kid left it lying around. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items Guide: Lost Item List and Characters

It’s easy enough to take a gander at the description of a lost item before figuring out who it belongs to. Sometimes, however, these descriptions can be pretty vague. After all, which broody man could this ominously scented handkerchief belong to? There’s just so many of them in the damn game. Luckily enough for you, we’ve compiled a lost item list showing you which characters correspond to which forgotten items. 

  • Edelgard: Time-worn Quill Pen, White Glove, Eastern Porcelain
  • Claude: Leather Bow Sheath, Mild Stomach Poison, Board Game Piece
  • Dimitri: Black Leather Gloves, Training Logbook, Dulled Longsword
  • Alois: Introduction to Magic, Mysterious Notebook, Foreign Gold Coin
  • Annette: Unfinished Score, Wax Diptych, School of Sorcery Book
  • Ashe: Evil Repelling Amulet, Moon Knight’s Tale, Bundle of Herbs
  • Bernadetta: Needle and Thread, Still-Life Picture, Hedgehog Case
  • Caspar: Grounding Charm, Thunderbrand Replica, Tattered Overcoat
  • Catherine: Letter to Rhea, Weathered Cloak, Badge of Graduation
  • Cyril: Portrait of Rhea, Well-Used Hatchet, Old Cleaning Cloth
  • Dedue: Gold Earring, Cooking Pot, Gardening Shears
  • Dorothea: Silver Brooch, Songstress Poster, Lovely Comb
  • Felix: Sword Belt Fragment, Toothed Dagger, Black Iron Spur
  • Ferdinand: Agricultural Survey, Maintenance Oil, Bag of Tea Leaves
  • Flayn: Antique Clasp, Old Map of Enbarr, Dusty Book of Fables
  • Gilbert: Carving Hammer, Noseless Puppet, Silver Necklace
  • Hanneman: Lens Cloth, Sketch of a Sigil, Hammer and Chisel
  • Hilda: Spotless Bandage, Used Bottle of Perfume, Handmade Hair Clip
  • Hubert: Hresvelg Treatise, Noxious Handkerchief, Folding Razor
  • Ignatz: Blue Stone, Letter to the Goddess, Art Book
  • Ingrid: Curry Comb, Pegasus Horseshoes, Jousting Almanac
  • Jeralt: Wooden Flask
  • Leonie: Fur Scarf, Hand Drawn Map, Crude Arrow Heads
  • Linhardt: Animated Bait, The Saints Revealed, Feather Pillow
  • Lorenz: A Treatise on Etiquette, Silk Handkerchief, Artificial Flower
  • Lysithea: New Bottle of Perfume, Princess Doll, Encyclopedia of Sweets
  • Manuela: Light Purple Beil, Wellness Herbs, Clean Dusting Cloth
  • Marianne: Bag of Seeds, How to be Tidy, Confessional Letter
  • Mercedes: Fruit Preserves, How to Bake Sweets, Book of Ghost Stories
  • Petra: Exotic Feather, Annotated Dictionary, Small Tanned Hide
  • Raphael: Big Spoon, Wooden Button, Burlap Sack of Rocks
  • Rhea: N/A
  • Seteth: Unfinished Fable, Snapping Writing Quill, Old Fishing Rod
  • Shamir: Animal Bone Dice, Centipede Picture, Bundle of Dry Hemp
  • Sylvain: Crumpled Love Letter, The History of Sreng, Unused Lipstick

With the help of our Fire Emblem Three Houses lost items guide, you’ll be well-equipped to hunt down the owner of the next discarded toy that you find lying around the monastery. Need a hand with other things to do on the Garreg Mach grounds? Try on our Fishing guide for size


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