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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bernadetta Tea Party Guide

by Ginny Woo

Bernadetta is the sweetest, most soft-spoken Black Eagles member in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She’s also dished out an immeasurable number of lethal crits while on the frontlines for us. If you want our opinion? Get you a girl who can do both, and we reckon that’s Bernadetta. The first step to getting her to notice you is to prove that you’re good at the simple things, and our Fire Emblem Three Houses Bernadetta tea party guide will make sure that you don’t mess up the golden opportunity to get to know Bernie.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Bernadetta Tea Party Guide

If this is your first time getting all fancy to impress a lady at a tea party, then we have a very helpful Fire Emblem Three Houses tea guide to give you the lowdown on all the different kinds of teas, how to make sure that you don’t lapse into awkward silence, and some tips on what each character is into. Since this guide itself is going to be about Bernadetta and her precious self, we’re going to focus on her favorite tea, conversation topics that she likes, and how to make the most of the bonus round of conversation that you’re going to get when you ace everything else.

Tea Party Flavor

We would pair the Albinean Berry Blend with Bernadetta’s sweet personality for this particular tea time treat. 

Tea Party Conversation Topics

We’ve got a full list of the different topics that will net you a positive nod and a smile from Bernadetta:

  • A place you’d like to visit
  • A word of advice
  • Books you’ve read recently
  • Cats
  • Children at the market
  • Close calls
  • Cooking mishaps
  • Cute monks
  • Exploring the Monastery
  • Fashion
  • Favorite sweets
  • Food in the Dining Hall
  • Gifts you’d like to receive
  • I heard some gossip
  • I’m counting on you
  • Insectivorous plants
  • Likable allies
  • Out first meeting
  • Overpowering weaknesses
  • Past laughs
  • Perfect recipes
  • Plans for the future
  • School days
  • School uniforms
  • Shareable snacks
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Thanks for everything
  • The courtyard couple
  • The ideal relationship
  • The last battle
  • The Library’s collection
  • The view from the bridge
  • Things that bother you
  • Things you find romantic
  • You seem different
  • You seem well
  • You’re doing great work

Bonus Conversation Prompts

If you’ve followed our advice so far in this Fire Emblem Three Houses Bernadetta tea party guide, then you’ll have made a cracking impression during the hardest bits of the whole shebang and earned yourself the coveted prize of more time with our pastel goth queen. Here are some things that Bernadetta will want to talk about if you hit this bonus round, and what we think your reactions should be for the best results. 

  • Being recluses together — Chat or Laugh
  • Bringing Bernadetta her sewing kit — Nod
  • Eavesdropping on Bernadetta’s singing — Nod or Praise
  • Hiding in the greenhouse — Nod
  • The room needs more cuteness — Laugh or Admonish
  • Spoiling Bernadetta — Praise or Admonish
  • Being worried about punishment — Admonish
  • Concerning Bernadetta’s room — Disagree, Laugh or Admonish
  • Regarding Bernadetta’s mother being a genius — Laugh or Commend

If you’ve listened to our helpful tips, then you and Bernadetta should be getting along like a house on fire by the time you’ve polished off a pot of that Albinean berry tea. Even if y’all decide to go your separate ways after enjoying a lovely afternoon, you’ll benefit from having an increased support rank, and all the combat benefits that come with that. Need a hand getting on the good side of Dorothea or Ingrid? We have guides for those lovely ladies too.

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