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Fire Emblem Heroes – How to Use Hero Feathers

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available around the world and players have been diving into the newest Fire Emblem adventure. Along the way you’re bound to find quite a few new items, which haven’t appeared in previous Fire Emblem games. One of these items, Hero Feathers, can be earned by completing various objectives throughout the main campaign. There really isn’t any explanation as to what they do, so we’ll teach you how to use Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes, and what they’re used for so you can get ahead of the curve.

How to Use Hero Feathers

Those who have played previous Fire Emblem games probably remember leveling up your heroes and then using items like the Hero Crest, which changed the class type of the hero that used it. Fire Emblem Heroes uses a similar system, but it will require more than just a single crest to get the job done.

As you collect more heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll notice that each one has a star rating that ranges from one star to five stars. Five stars is the highest value that you can achieve and is considered the highest strength rating for characters in the game. Four and five star characters can be hard to get ahold of in summoning sessions, though, which is why you can manually upgrade their star level using other items.

This is where the Hero Feathers come into play. These items are used with “badges” to upgrade a character’s star level, increasing their potential as a character. Once you have a character that has reached level 20, head to the Allies tab from the main castle. Here you will find a button marked “Advanced Growth”. Click on this area to access to the level up area, where you can increase a character’s star rating. It should be noted, though, that characters whose star rating you increase will be reset to level 1, just like they are in the original Fire Emblem games.

It should also be noted that different ratings require different items. While all of the items require Hero Feathers, leveling a character that is a one, two or three star character will cost Hero Feathers and a base Badge. Heroes that are four stars will require a “Great Badge” and Hero Feathers.

How to Get More Features and Badges

Hero Feathers can easily be earned through various means available to players early on. The easiest way to get them is to complete the main campaign chapters. Each chapter completed will reward players with 10 Hero Feathers. You can also earn Hero Feathers by completing events in the Arena Duel. It also stands to reason that Nintendo will host special events in the future where players can earn even more Hero Feathers.

Badges on the other hand, can be a bit trickier. The best way to earn badges is to play through the Training Tower, which unlocks after you complete the Prologue chapter. Each subsequent chapter you complete will unlock a new Stratum, or floor. Completing higher Stratums in the Training Tower will grant you more powerful badges, which can then be used to level up your characters.

Here’s a breakdown of which badges will be needed to upgrade character’s using the Advanced Growth mechanic.

  • Red-type heroes require Scarlet Badges and Great Scarlet Badges to upgrade.
  • Blue-type heroes require Azure Badges and Great Azure Badges to be upgraded.
  • Verdant Badges and Great Verdant Badges will be needed to upgrade any Green-type heroes.
  • Finally, any no-color heroes will require Transparent Badges and Great Transparent Badges if they wish to upgrade their potential.

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