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Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quests You Shouldn’t Skip

by Liana Ruppert

There are a lot of side quests in the Final Fantasy VII remake that some may feel tempted to skip: don’t. But if you do, there are a few, in particular, you really shouldn’t because of how they factor into the bigger picture. If you find yourself tempted by fast-tracking the game a little bit, here are the Final Fantasy VII Remake side quests you shouldn’t skip.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quests You Shouldn’t Skip

Small disclaimer: We recommend you don’t skip any side quests. Some of them, especially the cat finding quest, are wholesome and add a sense of normalcy to a game that is shrouded in conspiracy and corporate takeover. Others provide unique insights into the world of Midgar, small pieces to a much bigger – and beautiful – puzzle. That being said, we know not everyone has the time nor the patience to 100% any game, so here are the absolute most critical side quests and discoveries during a turning point in the game where the stakes are much higher. 



What you need to know

Collapsed Passeway


This discovery rewards you with Elemental Materia

Inside the Ventilation Fan


Found in the ventilation fan, players will find a Chocobo and a Moggle Summon

Waste Discovery


This discovery (again, not technically a quest) rewards players with Magic Up Materia

A Verified Hero


This unlocks the Whack-a-Box mini-game

Kids on Patrol


This quest rewards Cloud with the Nail Bat

Paying Respects


This rewards players with the Studded Bracer

A Dynamite Body/Shear’s Counterattack


Players must first complete the Burning Thighs and The Party Never Stops/The Price of Thievery quests in Chapter 9. The reward for this quest is Aerith’s Arcane Scepter

Chocobo Search


This quest is key for unlocking Chocobo Fast Travel

Missing Children


This quest rewards players with Time Materia 

Subterranean Menace


This quest rewards players with Barret’s Wrecking Ball weapon in addition to a new boss fight

To reiterate though, we definitely recommend that you do your best to complete all discoveries and side quests. These are there to provide different perspectives of the game’s events while also adding a little levity in between major plot points. Full completion also will reward players with the coveted Platinum Trophy, which is a huge deal for those that like to leave no stone unturned. 

Looking for even more help with your time in Midgar? We’ve got a ton of tips and tricks that can be found at our Game Hub here with a few of our most popular ones seen below: 

As for the game itself, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. It’s essentially a love letter to fans of the original game while being an open invitation for newcomers into the series! Sound off with what you liked the most about Square Enix’s latest adventure by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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