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Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 Side Quests and Discoveries Reward Guide

by Liana Ruppert

So you’ve made it to Final Fantasy VII Remake chapter 14, eh, and are looking to make the most out of this particular sect of the story? Lucky for you, we have a breakdown of the quests involved in this chapter and what the reward is. While we don’t encourage skipping any parts, as we mentioned in our skipped quests guide right here, this will at least make it easier to determine which rewards are worth it for those players in a rush. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 Side Quests and Discoveries Reward Guide

Arguably one of the more exciting features unlocked in chapter 14 is the ability to fast travel. Midgar is deceptively big so being able to jump from location to location in a snap is super handy. But to get it, there are a few things you should know and one of those things is that Tomboy Bandit’s quest is key. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Final Fantasy VII remake chapter 14 side quests and discoveries and their rewards: 


How to start 


Missing Children

Speak with Ms. Folia 

Time Materia

HP/MP 100% restoration

Malicious Goons

Speak with Madam M in Wall Market

1 Elixer

HP/MP 100% restoration

Johnny’s Stolen Wallet

Talk to Johnny near the Sector 5 Undercity Station

(Tomboy Bandit needs to have been completed)

PS4 Trophy for Johnny quests

Chocobo Search

Talk to the Chocobo handler

Fast travel (called Sam’s Delivery Lifetime Pass)

HP/MP 100% restoration

The Power of Music

Speak with Betty in Wall Market

Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III

HP/MP 100% Restoration

Wavering Heart

Speak with Andrea at Wall Market gym

Way of the Fist Vol. III

Tifa +10 SP

Champion Belt

HP/MP 100% restored

Secret Medicine

Speak with the doctor outside of the Leaf House Orphanage 

Telluric Scriptions Vol. III

HP/MP 100% restoration

Corneo’s Secret Stash

Chapter 9’s The Angel of the Slum’s completion

Tomboy Bandit completion

The Art of Swordplay Vol. III

HP/MP 100% restoration

Tomboy Bandit

Speak with Johnny near the Sector 5 Undercity Station

Corneo’s Vault Key

Johnny’s Wallet

Subterranean Menace

Speak with Wymer in Sector 6 Undercity/Evergreen Park

Barret’s Wrecking Ball

Behemoth Horn

HP/MP 100% restoration

Another benefit other than fast travel is the trophy. For those looking to 100% and get that Platinum, Johnny’s Stolen Wallet is key and making sure to undertake all tasks associate with him. Much of the Final Fantasy VII remake is pretty self-explanatory with the exception of hidden cache locations but it helps to know exactly what you can get when really on that time crunch. For those looking to see which quests throughout the whole game you should absolutely not skip, check out our previous coverage here where we lay that all out. 

Midgar is a big place, need some more help? We’ve got a ton of tips and tricks that can be found at our Game Hub here with a few of our most popular ones seen below: 

As for the game itself, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. We’ve been loving our time so far with the remake, it truly feels like a love letter to fans, but what are your thoughts so far? Sound off with what you liked the most about Square Enix’s latest adventure by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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