Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete False Friends (FFXVI)

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Life as a Bearer is hard. And sometimes, one avoids a life of slavery and oppression. At least for a time. That’s the case in the side quest, False Friends, where a man’s status as a Bearer is finally revealed. Here’s how to complete False Friends in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete False Friends (FFXVI)

Once you’ve met Martha, at the aptly named Martha’s Rest in the Imperial Province of Rosaria, you’ll get the option to start the side quest False Friends. Speak to Brennan just outside of her inn, and he’ll tell you that there’s a man named Norreis on the run. He’s been discovered as a Bearer. Brennan wants to smuggle him out of Rosaria before the town can find him, sell him into slavery, or worse.

Here’s how to complete False Friends, with a more detailed description below:

  • Speak to Brennan in front of Martha’s Rest.
  • Speak to the Off-Duty Sellsword mid-way across the bridge.
  • Find the lamp on the dirt trail near the marshes.
  • Speak to Norreis.
  • Return to Marsha’s Rest.
  • Speak to Brennan.

Full Detail Guide on How to Complete False Friends in Final Fantasy 16

Once you’re done speaking to Brennan, turn around and you’ll see a bridge. Walk down that bridge and you’ll encounter an Off-Duty Sellsword about midway across.

He’ll tell you he’s seen Norreis head toward the marshes. Continue across the bridge, then turn left. Follow the trail, and you’ll find a lamp on the ground. Continue straight from the lantern and you’ll see a hut deeper in the marshes.

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Beside this hut is Norreis, who will tell you he refuses to become a slave. Clive promises that won’t happen.

Open your map then use the Obelisk to teleport immediately to Martha’s Rest. Speak to Brennan, and Clive will hand Ronald the lamp and tell him that Norreis was torn apart by monsters. Ronald will seem conflicted, possibly because his best friend is dead and it’s his fault.

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Brennan will then set off to fetch Norreis, giving him a chance to escape. For your effort, you’ll get 20 experience and 100 ability points.

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