FFXVI: How to Get the Scholar Spectacles

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Final Fantasy XVI Scholar Spectacles

After Final Fantasy XVI gets its gears rolling, it’s time to begin the usual RPG gameplay loop of grinding up some levels. Experience won’t get itself alone. But before studying the best spots for some quick levels, you should definitely get some special gear to pump up your gains, and the Scholar Spectacles are the perfect choice for that.

This special accessory will grant you a neat Experience boost from all sources, so it’s indispensable for your long monster-slaying sessions. Here’s what you can do to get the Scholar Spectacles in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Find the Scholar Spectacles in Final Fantasy 16

The Scholar Spectacles are one of the exclusive rewards for those who have pre-ordered either the Digital Standard, Digital Deluxe, or the Collector’s Edition version of the game. They cannot be obtained through any in-game event if you haven’t got any of those, so don’t expect to find them anywhere else.

If you got the rights to the Spectacles, you first gotta go through the game until you finish Clive’s flashbacks through the prologue. If you played the Demo, it’s right past the moment when it ends. As soon as you’re back to modern-day Clive at the cliffside, you can access the main menu to get your pre-order bonuses.

Head for Systems and press R1/L1 until you reach Reedemable Items (the chest icon, last one from left to right). Here you can claim your Scholar Spectacles and all of the other special items you might’ve received with your copy of the game.

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It feels kinda inconsistent that the Digital Standard has it as a bonus but it’s lacking on the Physical Standard. I’m sorry I didn’t spend more than US$ 70 on my plastic game case, Square. I know my sins, so please forgive me.

The Scholar Spectacles give out a 10% Experience bonus, and it’s the perfect tool for getting some earlier levels in the game. But don’t forget to change it for something more useful when going for those breathtaking cinematic boss battles with other Eikons, as the Spectacles are definitely lacking in the power department.

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