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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 1 Speed Run Tips

by Bryan Dawson

When Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn first released last year, the Binding Coil of Bahamut was the peak of excellence. Groups that could pass all five Turns were heralded as the best on the server. Now, a second Binding Coil of Bahamut has been added, and a echo buff has made the first Coil of Bahamut much easier to navigate. Instead of simply passing all five Turns, the new test if how quickly you can complete each Turn in order to grab the level 90 loot that drops at the end.

The first Turn used to be one of the longest, but now it’s relatively easy to speed run it and get the loot quickly and easily. Your party make-up should include two tanks, two healers, and at least two jobs that can silence enemies. Bards are ideal for this, but Monks and Paladins can also work if need be. Once you have a party gathered together, decide the order of silencing and head into the run.

Upon entering the dungeon and buffing the party, the main tank should engage the first boss, Allagan Defense System (ADS). As soon as ADS is engaged, it immediately uses High Voltage. This is the skill that needs to be silenced.  It uses High Voltage about once every 15-18 seconds, which means that it’s difficult for only one party member to handle silencing duty. That is why you need to party members alternating silence.

The off tank should stay back near the entrance to the boss battle area. Roughly 45-60 seconds into the fight (and every 45-60 seconds after that), an add spawns at the entrance. The off tank should grab all of the adds and hold them near the entrance. It’s also very helpful to assign one healer to each tank to make it easier to keep the tanks alive. The off tank will take heavy damage once the second add spawns, so it’s important that the person healing the second tank is skilled.

Once ADS is down, continue forward, but do not engage any of the enemies ahead. What makes this a speed run is that you only need to fight two enemies between ADS and the final boss. If you have a Bard, he should cast Swift Song. Either way, the main tank should run ahead and aggro all of the enemies up to (but not including) the Dark Matter Golem. No one should touch any of the enemies except the main tank.

The off tank should be right behind the main tank and grab the Golem at the end, then the party should kill the Golem as quickly as possible, allowing the main tank to die. Once the Golem is down, the main tank can quickly teleport (take the shortcut) back to where the party is at. Repeat this process for the second set of enemies, leading up to the second and final Golem. Once the second Golem is down, then main tank teleports back to the party and you can enter the final boss battle against Caduceus.

Before you engage the final boss, examine your party. If you have a solid set of damage dealers (DPS), you can ignore the slime enemies that appear. The average item level of your DPS jobs should be 80 or above to use this tactic without worrying about the negative consequences.

If your party does not have solid DPS, you need to assign one person to slime duty. This is generally a Bard, but any job can do it. When the tiles start glowing, all party members should move to a non-glowing tile except the person on slime duty. This person waits for the slime to spawn, then slowly moves it toward the boss. Do not get too far away from the slime or else it will explode, inflicting significant damage. In addition, do not kill the slime. The idea is to get the slime’s health as low as possible before it reaches the boss, at which point the boss eats the slime, regaining HP based on the health of the slime when eaten, and resetting the stacks on the boss (the more stacks, the more damage the boss inflicts).

The battle begins where Caduceus is waiting. Mark Caduceus  with a 1 so you can differentiate the bosses. When Caduceus hits roughly 66 percent health, it splits into two. At this point, one of the identical Caduceus bosses should be moved to the far corner, diagonal of your current position. It doesn’t matter which boss moves, just make sure the move happens quickly.

Once again, each healer should be assigned to a separate tank to ensure they’re healed at all times. A DPS class should stand directly behind Caduceus (both of them) at all times to trigger its rear area of effect (AoE) attack to lessen the damage to the tank (Caduceus won’t attack the tank while readying the AoE).

Following the split you have two strategies you can follow. You can relentlessly attack one Caduceus until it’s almost dead, then move all DPS jobs to the other Caduceus, or you can split the DPS and attack both bosses at the same time. Either way, the bosses need to die at almost the same time. The longer you wait between deaths, the harder it is to finish off the remaining Caduceus. Ideally, once one is down, a DPS classes uses a Limit Break on the second to finish it off immediately.

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