FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory Explained

EA Sports' latest Path to Glory announcements for FIFA 23 World Cup 2022

Feel it, it’s here! As promised, EA Sports will be and have been coming out with loads of announcements for FIFA 23 running over the course of the World Cup 2022 hosted by Qatar. Their most recent info release took place on Friday, November 11, when they covered the content relating to specifics on their World Cup 22 and Path to Glory promos.

The content was packed with details on the following:

  • Path to Glory cards,
  • Objective rewards,
  • Squad Building Challenges (SBC),
  • New World Cup Heroes,
  • Info on World Cup Swaps, and
  • The release of all Team 1 players.

It was the first team release, with Team 2 players’ release date still unconfirmed. Since introducing the update on FIFA Friday, many FUT players are confused and still trying to figure out how it works. Let’s discuss: How EA Sports’ FIFA 23 Path to Glory Works.

How Does FIFA 23’s Path to Glory Work?

Each player from one of the 32 countries in the WC 2022 tournament will be eligible for upgrades depending on their nation’s progress through the group and knockout stages. When it all kicks off, each player participating will start with a base upgrade, and the further they advance through the phases, the more boosts they will receive.

Path to Glory Explained (Screenshot: EA Sports)

Path to Glory Progression Upgrades and Boost per Round & Dates:

  • Start and End Date of FIFA’s Path to Glory: November 21 – December 18;
  • Progress to Round of 16: +1 In-Form Upgrade (December 3);
  • Progress to Quarter-Finals: +1 In-Form Upgrade (December 7);
  • Progress to Semi-Finals: 5-Star Weak Foot Upgrade (December 12);
  • Progress to the Finals: 5-Star Skill Moves Upgrade (December 15);
  • Winners of the World Cup 2022: +1 In-Form Upgrade and 3 selected traits tailored to that respective player (December 19); and
  • Early Upgrades: Teams who progress through to the knockout Round of 16 after two victories will be rewarded with early upgrades

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Once a participating country has been eliminated from the tournament, players from that country will no longer receive any upgrades. You also need to know: a player does not have to play in order to receive upgrades, because Path to Glory player items are based on the country’s passage through the phases.

The FUT market has been going crazy since the release of Path to Glory, the first installment of the FIFA World Cup Heroes team release, the FIFA World Cup Swap, and the tokens made available. There will be more information on these additions and the Team 2 Players release date later.

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