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FIFA 23 Road to the Final Explained

Knockouts, qualifying for the quarters, semis, and finals = dynamic upgrades

by Ashley Anthony
FIFA 23 RTTF Team 1 Players

Have you heard of FIFA 23’s latest drop, Road to the Final? Are you looking for information on this new promo, like when it’s live, how it works, and how long it lasts? If so, you’ve come to the right place and need to read this post, as Prima Games has all the details on FIFA’s latest Ultimate Team drop.

We’ll cover the following on FIFA 23’s latest drop:

  • What’s the Road to the Final (RTTF) Promo?
  • How Do the RTTF Upgrades Work?
  • Are There Any Swap Rewards for RTTF?

What’s the Road to the Final (RTTF) Promo in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23’s Road to the Final returns to the game now that all of Europe’s major club cup competitions are back. Last week saw the first leg of knockout action of the Champions League, Europa League, and the Europa Conference League Round of 16.

This week will bring forth the second week of the Champions League Round of 16 first-leg games and the second leg of the other two cup competitions. Throughout the RTTF promotion, there will be four releases, two of which happened over the weekend after Friday, February 17.

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Here are the release dates for all RTTF promo items:

  • Friday 17th February 2023 – Team 1 Released (Live)
  • Sunday 19th February 2023 – Team 1 Mini-Release (Live)
  • Friday 24th February 2023 – Team 2 Released
  • Sunday 27th February 2023 – Team 2 Mini-Release

How Does the RTTF Upgrade System Work?

Each Road to the Final item will be awarded an initial boost when the campaign begins. After that and throughout the promo, these items can gain five additional dynamic upgrades.

FIFA 23 FUT RTTF Promo is now live

“Each Road to the Final Player Item is given an initial boost at the start of the campaign and has the potential for five additional dynamic upgrades based on how the player’s team progresses in the Champions League.” (via:

Here are the different stages of upgrades for RTTF:

  1. First knockout game win after the campaign launch = Overall Upgrade
  2. Qualifying for the Quarter-Finals – Overall Upgrade
  3. Qualifying for the Semi-Finals = Overall Upgrade + New Traits
  4. Qualifying for the Final = 5* WF Upgrade
  5. Winning the tournament = OVR Upgrade + 5* SM Upgrade

There are also daily RTTF SBCs and Objectives, where you can make every moment count with new themed puzzle  SBCs and Objectives to aid in bringing the knockout feeling to FUT. The other extras will be UEFA’s Man of the Match Player Items and RTTF Rewinds, celebrating the knockout upsets and comebacks of the past.

Are There Any Swap Rewards for RTTF?

With Future Stars Swap Rewards still going, it is doubtful that there will be any swap rewards for Road to the Final — as there were never before this drop.

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