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FFXIV Allagan Earrings Featured

There are always a few incentives to keep running older content in Final Fantasy XIV, with the biggest ones being cosmetic items. From glamour pieces to exclusive mounts, each Dungeon/Trial/Raid has a complete loot table with diverse items for you to customize your character. And among all of these, you can find the unique Allagan Earrings.

With a design coming down from an ancient society that solved all of their problems with Tomestones (much like we do today), these exquisite earrings are sometimes needed for special activities such as the Fashion Report. And it’s quite easy to come across them nowadays too.

How to Obtain the Allagan Earrings in FFXIV

The Allagan Earrings of X (Aiming, Healing or whichever other equipment class) can be obtained in The Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 1 raid from A Realm Reborn. You can unlock them after finishing the base game (AKA defeating the Ultima Weapon) and accepting the Primal Awakening quest from Urianger at The Waking Sands (X:6.0, Y:4.9).

You can find them through the Duty Finder in the Raids (1) icon under the A Realm Reborn tab. Differently from other expansions, there’s only a single difficulty for this duty, which is pretty much a Savage level. But worry not as this is still a Lvl 50 Duty, so you can easily solo it through the Unrestricted Party settings.

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Turn 1 works much like dungeons. You go wall-to-wall killing trash mobs until you reach the final boss at the end. Any mildly geared Lvl 90 DPS job will have no problems with this Raid, but Tanks and Healers are fine too if those are your best-geared jobs. You’ll finish it in around 2 to 3 minutes following a straight route.

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Once you defeat Caduceus, two chests will drop containing any of the various Allagan accessories, including Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and Necklaces. The ones you get are random, so keep running this raid until you get the ones you want. It’s tedious, but it’s the only way of getting them.

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As we mentioned before, these (and other Allagan items) might occasionally appear in the current Fashion Report items, so you might wanna take a few minutes to grab them for an easy 80 points, alongside tons of MGP (especially during the Make It Rain Campaign event).

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