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FFXIV: How to Get False Nails

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by Matt Vatankhah

There are countless things you can wear over your hands in Final Fantasy XIV, from gloves and gauntlets to mitts and bracelets. Though sometimes, you may find yourself searching for a more elegant look that not only looks flashy, but shows off your valuable jewelry. Other times, you may just be trying to reach the criteria for the weekly Fashion Report event in the Gold Saucer. Either way, False Nails are one of the most popular additions to every Warrior of Light’s glamour collection, and we’ll explain how to get them in Final Fantasy XIV.

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FFXIV: How to Get False Nails

False Nails require a little more legwork than simply being purchasable from a vendor. You’ll first have to build your reputation up with one of the many Beast Tribes in the game.

To begin, travel to The Fringes around the (X: 21, Y: 26) coordinates to meet the Ananta beast tribe. You’ll only be able to access the area by owning the Stormblood expansion.

To unlock the Ananta daily quests, you’ll first have to complete the Brooding Broodmother quest. Once finished, you’ll unlock the ability to complete up to three Ananta quests each day.

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Just like every other Tribal quest works, completing Ananta daily quests will reward you with Reputation points for them. Earning Reputation points will increase your Reputation rank with them, which will unlock more and more things to purchase with Ananta currency, known as Ananta Dreamstaff.

False Nails can only be purchased upon reaching the Friendly Reputation rank with the Ananta, which is the third rank possible. Reaching Friendly with any Beast Tribe will require at least 510 Reputation points.

Once Friendly Rank has been reached, speak to Madhura, who serves as the Ananta Dreamstaff vendor in the area. False Nails can be purchased with 6 Ananta Dreamstaff.

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Reaching Friendly with the Ananta will take a few days worth of quests if you’re starting from the beginning, so don’t expect same-day delivery. For more information on Final Fantasy XIV, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.

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