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FFXIV: How to Get The Skink Minion

Add this little guy to your collection today.

by Jesse Vitelli

FFXIV is full of items to collect, whether it’s a mount to ride, a new glamour piece to show off, or a little minion companion to keep you company as each expansion and major patch release, more are added to the game. Minions are cute, can be used to do battle at The Gold Saucer, and can even hang out on your Island Sanctuary. Here’s how to get the Skink minion in FFXIV.

FFXIV: How to Get the Skink Minion

The Skink minion was added to FFXIV in the patch 6.25 update. It can be obtained from the new Variant Dungeon Sil’dihn Subterrane. Now, like many other minions that are tied to dungeons, you’ll obtain this randomly from chests.

However, the Variant and Criterion Dungeon loot pools work differently than most. Instead of everyone in the party rolling for a specific piece, each chest contains personal spoils. This means that opening a chest gives you items that may be the same or different from your party members.

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So if your teammate obtains the Skink minion, it’s not guaranteed that your loot will be the same. You’ll need to run the Variant dungeon multiple times to try and find the Skink minion (unless you’re incredibly lucky).

If you get tired of running Sil’dihn Subterrane, you can always purchase the minion on the Market Board in any major city. Just be aware that it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. So if you want to save your Gil, you’ll have to grind for this little guy.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Skink minion in FFXIV. Be sure to check out our coverage of FFXIV patch 6.25. We Have plenty of helpful guides like how to unlock the Omicron Tribal Quests, how to obtain the Silke mount, and more.