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FFXIV: Where to Get Rhotano Blue Dye

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Despite trying its hardest to align older content to modern standards, there’s still a lot of early installment clunkiness in Final Fantasy XIV, especially when it comes to A Realm Reborn content. Sometimes it’s hard or outright impossible to change some of these for numerous reasons. The Rhotano Blue Dye is a prime example of “items previously obtained in stranger ways.” Here is where to get Rhotano Blue Dye in FFXIV.

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How to Get the Rhotano Blue Dye in FFXIV

The Rhotano Blue Dye is obtained (almost) exclusively from the Sahagin Tribe Quests. You can get them from the Sahagin Vendor at Western La Noscea (X: 17.0, Y: 22.2) for a Rainbowtide Psashp (the tribe’s currency) each. If you’ve already completed the Clutch and Kin Tribe Quest though, you can buy them for 334 Gil each too.

FFXIV Rhotano Blue Dye Location
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You can use the tribe currency to get some dyes as soon as you unlock the tribe, but it still requires you to regularly do the daily Sahagin Tribe Quests to have a reliable source of it. You’ll eventually finish the Tribe’s questline and unlock it for Gil, but it can take you a few weeks until you do.

This deep-blue paint is often used to either increment some gorgeous outfits or, sometimes, needed in the weekly Fashion Report. But getting it for free can be quite inconvenient if you’re not a big fan of side content.

The devs probably realized that locking certain dyes to Tribe Quests wasn’t the best idea, so they also added Rhotano Blue Dye as a drop in the Lvl 60 Neverreap dungeon, as well as an optional reward in the Simply to Dye For sidequest (in which you unlock the Dyeing option). The problem with these sources is that they’re either limited or equally harder to obtain.

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But if you just want to get those dyes as soon as possible, you can always buy them from the Market Board at varying prices depending on your server and its demand. It tends to go for a bit higher whenever it shows up in the week’s Fashion Report, so you can profit a little bit from that!

Now that you know where to find the Rhotano Blue Dye, don’t think twice about using it in your favorite outfit pieces. The dye is just that good and you know it. But there are tons of different colors that can please you too, such as the Dalamud Red Dye.

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