FFXIV: Where to Get Dalamud Red Dye

And the original Dalamud was black all along

FFXIV Dalamud Red Dye Featured

Named after the bright moon that once shadowed over Eorzea (before we discovered it was actually just a prison for Bahamut), the Dalamud Red Dye is one of the many colors you can apply to your clothes and equipment in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s arguably of the best shades of red in the game, so expect to use it often.

But one might find it difficult to apply it when they simply cannot find it to begin with. And that’s because this dye is not available for purchase in any NPCs. You have to go the extra mile to get it through your own hands.

How to Get the Dalamud Red Dye in FFXIV

Dalamud Red is one of the many craftable dyes in the game, and can be made by any of the Disciple of the Hand in the game as long as they are Level 30 or higher. You can find the recipe in your Crafting Log in the Special Recipes tab, hidden in Others. Alternatively, just search for “Dalamud” and you’ll find it.

You’ll need one Red Pigment for each Dye pot. Since Gatherers and Crafters always go hand in hand in XIV, you’ll need to have the formers leveled up to get the materials for your recipe. Botanists can gather them at Middle La Noscea around (X: 16.7, Y: 13,7), while Miners can quarry them from the rocky formations in Eastern Thanalan around (X: 24.3, Y: 19,5).

Grab them as you can and then you can start synthesizing as many Dyes as you want. Since they cannot be bought from NPCs, they usually go for high prices at the Market Board (especially if they’re on this week’s Fashion Report), so feel free to make some extra ones.

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Alternatively, you can get them as rewards from certain sidequests, more specifically The Company You Keep (Maelstrom) and The Replacement Culler. As a last resort, it also drops from chests in the level 60 Dungeon, The Fractal Continuum. 

Crafting dyes is always a good choice for profiting during certain Fashion Reports. Loam Brom Dye is another example of a craftable dye that can be mass-produced for some easy Gil in the Market, so check this one out too.

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