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FFXIV: Where to Get Clavekeepers

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by Patrick Souza
Where to Catch Clavekeepers FFXIV

Fishing is usually quite an easy and relaxing task in Final Fantasy XIV, but it can get unnecessarily complicated real quick. The prime examples are catching the legendary fish or, more recently, when working on your Splendorous Tool. The difficulty in the latter case is more about the tremendous amount of fish you’ll need to catch before getting them. Among those, you find the Clavekeepers.

Or maybe not, because the Fishing Log won’t give you any info on where to find them until you’ve actually caught that fish. All fish required for the tools are also Collectables, so you can’t buy them, either. So if you really wanna make a shining fishing rod, here’s where you can find Clavekeepers in FFXIV.

Where to Catch Clavekeepers in Final Fantasy XIV

Luckily, they’re not that hard to find. You can find them in Kholusia (X:15.6 Y36.1), next to a few Toucalibri enemies. Don’t forget to buy the Select Bait Ball from Quinnana at the Crystarium. They cost 50 White Gatherer Scrips each, so bring lots of those as you’ll surely need them.

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Before you start to randomly toss your rod at the sea, equip the Splendorous Fishing Rod (this is required for all tool-related fish), use the Select Bait Balls and activate the Collect skill from Level 50. Using Patience II helps catch them specifically, but don’t forget to hook them with the Powerful Hook skill in that case. 

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Clavekeepers are the only fishes that give you the “!!” double exclamation mark sign, so you can easily tell whether you caught them or not. Bring some Cordials and don’t forget to spend your Angler’s Art stacks often to recharge your GP faster. 

Having good melds on your base Fisher gear also helps speed up the process as you’ll have more chances of getting fish with bigger Collectability, which means more Components faster. You’ll need a maximum of 60 Clavekeepers, but you can make it with a few less than that if you’re lucky enough. Good fishing!

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