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FFXIV: All Splendorous Tools and How to Unlock Them

All that work for a shining frying pan

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Splendorous Tools Featured

Don’t go thinking that combat jobs keep all the fun toys for themselves. Although less popular, Crafters and Gatherers also have their “Relic Tools” which usually require them to do an inhumane amount of non-combat activities. The Skysteel Tools introduced along Ishgard Restoration were popular, so a similar version in the Splendorous Tools was introduced in Patch 6.35 of Final Fantasy XIV.

These weapons have their own storyline and difficult tasks tied to them but are also worth it in the end as they get their own unique glow. To help you in this master crafter/gatherer road, here’s a quick guide to what you need for getting your own special tool.

How to Get the Splendorous Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

These special tools are locked behind a new quest in The Crystarium called An Original Improvement. It can only be taken by a Disciple of Land/Hand at Level 90, and requires you to have completed both “The Crystalline Mean” quest in The Crystarium and “The Boutique Always Wins” quest in Eulmore.

If the quest’s available for you, grab it and complete it to get your first Splendorous Tool for free in a coffer. The others will then be available for buying at Quinnana at the Crystarium (X: 10.4 Y:7.7) for 1500 White Crafter or Gatherer Scrips, depending on your desired job.

With your base tool equipped or in your inventory, you can now take the A Dedicated Tool quest with Chora-Zoi who’s right next to Quinnana. She demands you deliver Connoisseur items that can be obtained from Quinnana herself in exchange for other items. 

Depending on the quality of the obtained items, you might have to craft 60 special items, gather 360 special materials or fish a total of 120 special fish to upgrade your weapon to its Augmented version.

After all of your hard work, you’ll unlock the An Adaptive Tool quest, which is pretty much the same thing. You now need to craft a maximum of 90 items, gather 420 materials or fish 180 creatures to finally get your Crystalline Tool, the ultimate version of the Splendorous Tools.

These have a crystal-like glow just like actual Relic Weapons and have a special effect for crafting/gathering, making them really worth the grind.

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The required items vary by class, but Crafters can always find their recipes in their Crafting Log by heading into Special Recipes > Sidequests > Splendorous Tools. Gatherers can mark their locations in their Gathering Log by heading into Special > Sidequests > Splendorous Tools instead. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

Crafters will require certain “Selected” items for their recipes, and those can be bought from Quinnana for 50 White Crafter Scrips each. This means you’ll need 3000 White Scrips for the first step and 4500 for the second, making for a 7500 total of Scrips per tool. Gatherer tools don’t have those requirements but have hidden items in their second step instead. The sole exception is Fisher, which needs a special bait also obtained in Quinnana (5 Scrips each).

All Splendorous and Crystalline Tools

Here’s a complete list of all the special Tools you can obtain. The initial stages don’t have any special glow, and they only start looking like actual relics in the final step.


Crystalline step – Screenshot by Prima Games

Splendorous Alembic

Splendorous Cross-pein Hammer

Splendorous Frypan

Splendorous Knife

Splendorous Mallet 

Splendorous Needle

Splendorous Raising Hammer

Splendorous Saw

Augmented Splendorous Alembic

Augmented Splendorous Cross-pein Hammer

Augmented Splendorous Frypan

Augmented Splendorous Knife

Augmented Splendorous Mallet 

Augmented Splendorous Needle

Augmented Splendorous Raising Hammer

Augmented Splendorous Saw

Crystalline Alembic

Crystalline Cross-pein Hammer

Crystalline Frypan

Crystalline Knife

Crystalline Mallet 

Crystalline Needle

Crystalline Raising Hammer

Crystalline Saw


Crystalline step – Screenshot by Prima Games

Splendorous Pickaxe

Splendorous Hatchet

Splendorous Fishing Rod

Augmented Splendorous Pickaxe

Augmented Splendorous Hatchet

Augmented Splendorous Fishing Rod

Crystalline Pickaxe

Crystalline Hatchet

Crystalline Fishing Rod

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