FFXIV: All Amazing Manderville Relic Weapons and How to Unlock Them

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The Manderville Weapons saga continues! Patch 6.35 for Final Fantasy XIV has introduced a whole new step for the Endwalker Relic Weapons. These kinds of weapons are known for their amazing glowing effects obtained by the sheer effort of a tedious grind that usually involves some of that particular expansion’s gimmicks.

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Those new additions to the Relic family are arguably easier to complete (at least until this step) but are equally shiny and powerful. They’re also related to the previously optional Hildibrand quests, the infamous (and huge) comedy questline that steers away from the usual serious tone from the main quests. 

Take a look at all of their amazing models and also what you need to do to get your own Amazing Manderville Weapon(s).

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All New Amazing Manderville Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

As of 6.35, the new Relic Weapons are generally the second strongest option for any given class, falling behind only to the Abyssos and Ultimate Omega weapons. But their difference is almost imperceptible, so if you can’t bother with high-end content, sticking to them is completely fine. They will eventually become the strongest weapon available, but that’s probably only around the end of the expansion.


Screenshot by Prima Games

Amazing Manderville Axe

Amazing Manderville Sword and Shield

Amazing Manderville Zweinhander

Amazing Manderville Gunblade


Screenshot by Prima Games

Amazing Manderville Cane

Amazing Manderville Index

Amazing Manderville Torquetum

Amazing Manderville Milpreves

Melee DPS

Screenshot by Prima Games

Amazing Manderville Spear

Amazing Manderville Knuckles

Amazing Manderville Knives

Amazing Manderville Samurai Blade 

Amazing Manderville Scythe

Physical Ranged DPS

Screenshot by Prima Games

Amazing Manderville Harp Bow

Amazing Manderville Revolver

Amazing Manderville Chakrams

Magical Ranged DPS

Screenshot by Prima Games

Amazing Manderville Rod

Amazing Manderville Codex

Amazing Manderville Rapier

How to Get the Amazing Manderville Relic Weapons

Make sure you’ve previously completed all of the Hildibrand quests (take a look at our guide to know which step you’re currently into). If you completed all quests before 6.35, you can start from The Spectacle of Inspection quest given by Delion at Radz-at-Han.

If this is your first Manderville weapon, you need to complete the Make It a Manderville quest first, also found in Radz. If you’re just looking for the upgrade, head for Gerolt in Radz-at-Han (X:12.0 Y:7.1) to take Well-oiled.

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Similar to the first step, all you gotta do is deliver 3 Complementary Chondrites to upgrade your weapon to its glowy version. The Chondrites can be found at Jubrunnah, the same NPC that initially sold the Manderium Meteorites for the first step. They cost 500 Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy each for a total of 1500 per weapon. 

To fully complete the first two steps, you need a total of 3000 Tomestones. If you’re going for all of the 19 weapons, you’ll have to grind a total of 57000 Tomestones. This is extremely time-consuming, so unless you’re really trying to catch them all relics, don’t bother with getting more than a few others for your alt jobs.

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