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FFXIV: New Housing Wards Lottery Date in 6.3

At least you can afford a house in this game

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Housing Lottery

Housing is one of those aspects of Final Fantasy XIV that many players end up never experiencing despite having a huge concept behind it. This is either due to its unavailability for everyone or because of the huge concurrence for a single plot, which was arguably made even worse with the Lottery update introduced in Endwalker.

The introduction of a single Housing Area in Empyrium wasn’t enough to get everyone a house, but new Wards for all regions were introduced in patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Land Tremble, giving players and Free Companies new chances for fulfilling their housing dreams. 

6 extra Wards are now available in every city with 60 plots each, for a total of 1800 new plots per server. With this update, it should be easier to get a place to call your own… if it ever becomes available for purchase, of course.

Lottery Date for Housing Wards Introduced in Final Fantasy XIV 6.3

This will not take long, as Lottery for the new plots starts on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. (PST). From this moment onwards, plays can bid into their desired plot and wait for the numbers to be rolled. Results will be given on January 20, five days later

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One person is selected to win the plot. Losers can retrieve their money by speaking with the placard after the entry period is gone. The winner has 4 days to claim their plot, otherwise, it goes back to the lottery and they lose all the money.

All Wards 25 are reserved for Free Companies only. Wards 30 are for Private buyers, while Wards 26 – 29 are a mix of both. They were introduced in every Data Center except for Dynamis and Materia, which are the newest ones in the bunch.

A house can cost from 3 million all the way up to 50 million Gil, depending on the plot’s size. The most common plots are Smalls, while Large is the rarest.

Good luck with your property hunting!

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