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FFXIV: Where to Find Basaltic Clay

Hidden deep into the ocean

by Patrick Souza
Basaltic Clay Final Fantasy XIV

Housing can get unnecessarily complicated in Final Fantasy XIV, especially when we’re talking about Free Company houses. The Company Workshop is a facility exclusive to those, and its Schematic Board contains many different recipes that ask players for specific items such as the Basaltic Clay. Here’s how you can get it.

How to Get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV

Balsatic Clay is a reward for high-level Submarine Voyages in the Sirensong Sea. More specifically, you can get them from Crow’s Drop (Level 95, Two Stars difficulty) and The Beak (Level 99, Three Stars difficulty)

Crow’s Drop can be discovered when sending your submarine to Sirensong Sea 2 and can get you from 5 to 8 Clays per trip, while The Beak’s route is found through Sirensong Sea 4 and can give you 3 Balsatic Clays in a successful voyage.

The whole submarine system is complicated, but after you finish crafting them, you send them into Voyages for a few hours to bring rewards for your company. Many of these rewards are exclusive to this system and are used to get recipes for decorating your Free Company house.

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Balsatic Clay is used for getting the Gingerbread House Prototype done in the FC, which unlocks the recipes for Gingerbread housing decoration. Ever wanted to attract lost Lalafells in the woods to your house? This is your chance! Just don’t feed on them, please. They may be small potatoes, but not in a tasty way.

Due to their rarity, the Gingerbread house items usually go for a good amount of Gil in the Market Board, so getting them done is a good way of raising funds for your Company. You only need 10 Balsatic Clay for that, and you can even buy them from the Board itself if you’re only missing 1 or 2.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV. Keep scrolling down to see more guides for the game here on Prima Games. Have you got the Mama Automaton minion yet? Go get it now; it’s cute!

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