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FFXIV: How to Get Titanic Sawfish

Fishes are harder to catch these days

If Botanists and Miners are basically twin brothers, Fishers are more like that distant cousin from another city you rarely meet. They’re very unique both in gameplay and utility, as well as having various unique pieces of content hand-tailored especially for them. Most will think about Ocean Fishing, but there’s also Big Fishing in the play.

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Serving as a special challenge for dedicated Fishers, these bigger-than-usual sea creatures lurk around various oceans and ponds, with your first introduction to those being precisely the Titanic Sawfish during a certain quest. So let’s see exactly what you should do in order to catch this wildlife.

How To Catch the Titanic Sawfish in FFXIV

The Titanic Sawfish can be plucked out from the Cape Westwind fishing hole in Western Thanalan at (X:9.0, Y:6.8) from 9 AM to 3 PM (Eorzea Time) with either the Clear Skies or Fair Skies weather conditions. Use Logworm as your bait and fish a Merlthor Goby, then mooch it to get a Wahoo. And lastly, with the Wahoo still in your hook, mooch it to have a chance at getting this Titanic pal right here.

FFXIV Titanic Sawfish Location
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Since you’ll need to catch some other fish in advance, it’s advised that you arrive a few minutes early (one Eorzea Time hour equals 3 minutes in real life time) to start catching the Merlthors. Also, make sure to check a Skywatcher NPC at any of the main cities to be certain if the correct weather will be on.

You’ll need at least 200 Gathering to have your shot at it, which is nowhere near a problem if you’re already at the level cap. Any Fisher with Lvl 90 gear should have no problems catching the Sawfish. Assuming they meet all of the oddly specific requirements first, of course.

Most players search for this fish because The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon sidequest asks them to do so. Obtained through Sisipu at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7, Y:14), this quest serves as an introductory step to hunting these bigger fishes (and eventually the Legendary Fishes), so make sure you know what you’re stepping into.

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This is basically Savage endgame Raiding for Fishers, but your biggest opponent is your own patience. The Titanic Sawfish is nowhere as near as complicated to catch as many of the other fishes in this category, as some of them can take you weeks to catch as you wait for the stars to align into the perfect opportunity.

The sidequest will later ask you for another fish with similar catching tactics, and as long as you prepare as you did for the Sawfish, it will be a walk in the park.

But should you ever venture into catching the current Big Fishes (and eventually Legendary Fishes), you might wanna grab a Splendorous Tool in advance, as they’re the best tools available for the job. I just finished mine, and they’re definitely worth all the trouble!

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