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FFXIV Slump Emote Featured

It’s amazing how FFXIV lets you express emotion through its unique gestures. The new Slump emote perfectly encapsulates how I feel when having one of those days. Or maybe it’s how I feel after having to grind for it. Anyway, it’s usually not a great sensation, but it feels good to get it regardless. Here’s how you can get the Slump Emote.

Where to Get the Slump Emote in FFXIV

Slump is obtained as the Rank 5 reward in the PvP Series Malmstones. This pseudo-battle pass is leveled the more you play any of the PvP modes, including Frontline duties, Crystalline Conflict, or Rival Wings. Victories get you more experience than losing, but you can complete it just fine by participating as much as possible.

You can check your progress and claim any rewards from your PvP Profile > Series Malmstones menu, showing how much more you’ll need to play to get whatever you want from these rewards. As of 6.4, completing a Frontline Duty Roulette also nets you some extra experience, and you can fully complete the Series rewards by participating in at least one match per day for 40 days.

The most effective method to grind for it is still engaging in Crystalline Conflict matches, though. Each lasts around 5 minutes, and you don’t need to play Ranked matches to get Series Exp. Just spam some games, and you’ll have your emote in no time.

After using the Ballroom Etiquette – Defeatist Attitude item, you can use said emote anytime by typing /slump in the chat. Let everyone know how you really feel inside! But seriously, get some help if you’ve been using that for everything.

This is one of the many new additions introduced in the 6.5 patch of Final Fantasy XIV. Fortunately, this is easier (and cheaper) to grind than some other cosmetics like the Lunar Sabotender Mount.

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