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FFXIV: How to Get the Hand to Heart Emote

Say your prayers

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Hand to Heart Emote

With tons of new equipment, hairstyles and mounts to collect, is hard to keep up with FFXIV’s immense amount of collectibles to get. And since each new patch brings new ones into the spotlight, it gets even harder to get them all. Most people will just focus on the ones they really want or on the newest ones like the Hand-To-Heart emote added in patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

Just like the /linkpearl or the /determined emotes, which were previously exclusive to cutscenes and not available in any way, this one was also inexistent outside of cinematics. All these emotes are slowly finding their way to players’ hotbars, and it’s always through the same way.

How to Unlock the Hand to Heart Emote in FFXIV

Properly known as Heartfelt Sincerity, the Hand to Heart emote is obtained as a reward in the Crystalline Conflict (PvP) Series Malmstones at Level 5. You can only obtain it during the 6.4 patch Series, and will be unavailable when it ends. None of the previous exclusive PvP rewards were made available after their respective Series, so it might be your only chance to grab it.

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You can check your current progress and claim rewards by opening your PvP Profile and selecting Series Malmstones in the upper right corner. The emote item Ballroom Etiquette – Heartfelt Sincerity is untradeable, so make sure to use it right after claiming it so you won’t feel bad for missing it later.

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How to Increase Your Series Malmstones Level

Series Exp is obtained for each and every completed PvP match, regardless of the result. Victories will obviously result in more points, so picking a job and getting better at it is the best way to score some extra points here and there. 

You don’t need to play Crystalline Conflict specifically, but since this is the fastest PvP mode available, it ends up being the best choice for farming Series Exp. As of 6.4, Frontline Roulettes also grant extra Series Exp the first time you clear them, so you can just passively farm this emote with a single Frontline per day.

Fortunately, you won’t be farming for too long if your only goal is the emote. Level five is fairly easy to achieve, and you can get it in just a few matches, so you won’t have to suffer through PvP for long if that’s not your cup of tea. 

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