FFXIV: How to Get the Garlond GL-IS Mount

Tales of loss and gas and speed

Celebrating the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023-2024 edition, Square Enix has prepared a few special goods for players who are eager to either attend the live event or to accompany the news from a safe distance. Whichever might be your case, the Garlond GL-IS mount is definitely a good surprise to see.

Teased since the 6.4 patch dropped, we can finally get our hands on this awesome motorcycle. As long as we’re determined enough to pay a price, of course.

Where to Get the Garlond GL-IS Mount in FFXIV

As many expected, the Garlond GL-IS Mount is available exclusively through the FFXIV Online Store as the celebrative Fan Fest mount. It’s an account-wide mount priced at $37.00 USD, with a temporarily discounted price of $33.30 USD from July 24 at 1:00 a.m. to August 17 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT).

While there will be plenty of FFXIV-related merch available at the Fan Fest, the special mounts aren’t included, so you must get them from the Online store in one way or another.

Despite its exorbitant price, you get a good-looking mount with two ride slots, so you can drive along a friend from your party if you happen to get it. And yes, the mini Alpha plush is indeed included in it, making it technically a three-seat ride!

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Similarly to the SDS Fenrir mount (the other motorcycle available at the Online Store), this mount also has enhanced movement speed while on the ground, which kinda justifies its higher-than-average price. Very useful when going through MSQ maps where you cannot fly yet. 

The final decision about buying it or not is all yours, so think wisely about how you decide to spend your money. If you really dig the looks of the Garlond GL-IS but can’t afford to buy it right now, FFXIV is full of alternatives like the Garlond GL-II, obtainable through the Island Sanctuary. It only has one seat, but it also looks cool!

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