FFXIV: How to Get the Baronial Jacket

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FFXIV Baronial Jacket Featured

Making their character as stylish as possible is the endgame goal for almost all Final Fantasy XIV players, and it often leads them to do a tremendous amount of extra work here and there. From repeatedly farming dungeons to crafting, or simply paying tremendous amounts of Gil at the Market, no boundaries shall exist between a player and their desired fit.

One of the items that certainly makes players walk that extra mile is the Baronial Jacket, one of the various new glamour options added in patch 6.4 “The Dark Throne”, and here’s how you can get it.

Where to Get the Baronial Set in FFXIV

The Baronial Jacket, alongside the full set composed of the Baronial Hat, Wristwraps, Cullotes and Longboots, are all rewards from the Island Sanctuary questline, more specifically obtained in the An Ideal Marriage quest. It can be accepted on your Island at (X:12.4, Y:28.7) from the Curious Courier after reaching Sanctuary Rank Level 15, and requires having completed the previous similar quests.

This will be a fairly straightforward quest, and just like the previous quests obtained on the island, ends up with you obtaining your so-desired exclusive glamours, just like it was with the other Isle-related sets.

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You can store them in your Glamour Dresser after getting them, so do that as soon as possible to get some extra space on your inventory. But if you happen to lose them for some reason, the Calamity Salvagers got your back. You can visit any of these NPCs in the main cities to get your quest rewards back on the occasion you delete them by accident.

Reaching Sanctuary Rank 15 to get your Baronial Jacket is no easy deal, and will have you spending a lot of time in isolation making your perfect own paradise. But at least you can get various different rewards out of it, such as the Island Buffalo mount.

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