FFXIV: How to Get Snow White Dye

Using this dye will not attract woodland creatures when you sing, sorry

As I’m sure many of our other more regular Final Fantasy XIV writers have mentioned, the true endgame of Square Enix’s decade-long MMORPG is the Glamour. Customization is the ultimate expression of characters we’ve sunk literal years of time into. And dye is a huge part of that. I’m a little out of the loop, but people are looking for Snow White dye for some reason or another. And luckily, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of. So here’s how to get Snow White dye in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to Get Snow White Dye in FFXIV

The easiest way, quite simply, to get Snow White dye in FFXIV is to buy it from a vendor. If you teleport or fly or whatever over to the North Shroud, you can buy Snow White and several other colors of dye from the Ixali Vendor located at the coordinates (X: 24.9, Y: 22.7) according to the Eorzea Database. The dyes that vendor sells cost 216 gil a pop. Now, this is a ”beast tribe” vendor, meaning you have to level up your reputation with the Ixal in order to actually buy this stuff. In this case, Snow White dye requires the “Respected” reputation tier.

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You can also get Snow White dye from the following quests:

And the following Duties:

If all else fails, there’s always the market boards! That’s my favorite way to pick up any dyes I need, because it’s the minimal amount of effort. That said I have no idea if Snow White dye is hella expensive or not, because I usually only operate in cool colors like Red, Black and Purple. I can’t imagine dying something white on purpose, but hey whatever floats your boat. Nerds.

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