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FFXIV: How to Get the Ixion Mount

Time to bring the horse inside

by Patrick Souza
How to Get Ixion FFXIV

Straight outta Final Fantasy X, Ixion marks its presence in XIV in many different ways. Originally one of Yuna’s Aeons, in the critically acclaimed MMO you can find it either as a boss, a minion, a housing item, a Chocobo barding, half of another boss and, of course, a mount. 

The last one is probably its best version as it just feels great to run/fly on the back of this majestic lighting-enhanced horse. And that was also the version that got you here in this article. So, without further ado, here’s how you can get the Ixion mount in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the Ixion Mount in FFXIV

The Ixion mount can be obtained in various ways. The most traditional one is by participating in the “A Horse Outside” FATE in The Lochs. This FATE is a direct confrontation with Ixion itself. It isn’t marked on the map, but you’ll know that it has spawned due to the Quick Levin special weather happening on the map.

One player must use the Stygian Ash item to remove his protection before anyone can actually damage the horse. The item can be obtained from Stormblood Treasure Maps or bought from the Marketboard. Once his protection’s down, you can finally beat this soon-to-be-dead horse.

Ixion Clarion Eschina FFXIV
Screenshot by Prima Games

Rewards for full contribution include 6 Ixion Horns. Go to Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.8, Y: 11.8) to trade them for special items in the Wondrous Sundries option. The Ixion Clarion, which allows you to summon the horse, can be bought with 12 horns (two complete FATE drops).

There are plenty of dedicated Linkshells and Discord Servers in each data center that warn you whenever the FATE’s up, so ask around for those.

Ixion Mount via Wondrous Tails

The clarion can also be bought from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1) in exchange for one Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation. They can only be obtained by getting 3 lines in your weekly Wondrous Tails book. And I’m sure you know how hard is to even get a single line on that book sometimes, so it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Ixion Mount via Faux Hollows

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Directly to Khloe’s left side, you can find the Faux Commander. This ugly fox is not just an ugly weirdo but also the ugly faux leaves merchant. You get these by finding hidden items in the Faux Hollows minigame also available with him. You can play it by participating in the current Unreal Trial, a high-end duty that changes every big patch. The Ixion Clarion costs 400 Faux Leaves, which can take you some weeks to get.

While there are many different methods, it’s advised to try to get it via FATE since that’s the only “free” method. Other methods are not only harder and time-consuming, but also offer some other unique rewards to them. The Corgi minion can only be obtained by Faux Leaves or through the Marketboard, for example.

But in the end, that’s all up to you. Whichever method you use to get this awesome mount will work out in the end, so good luck!

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