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FFXIV: How to Get the Orthos Craklaw Mount

The giant crab is luckily not an enemy

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Aeturna Mount

Giant rats, flying sharks and oversized mutant birds are only a few of the many bizarre but incredibly fun mounts you can get in Final Fantasy XIV. Each one of them has its own unique way of unlocking, and can be sold for tons of Gil when tradable. The Orthos Craklaw is one of those, and riding a giant crab would easily get a high spot on any “top 10 things to do” list worth reading.

This is another mount introduced in Patch 6.35 alongside many other unlockables, so stick around to find out what you need to do before finally unlocking this new ride in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the Orthos Craklaw Mount in FFXIV

The Orthos Craklaw is obtained from Eureka Orthos, as its name implies. They are obtained as random drops from the Gold-tinged Sacks found within the Accursed Horde on the higher floors of the dungeon. The mount is Orthos’ equivalent to Palace of the Dead’s Night Pegasus or Heaven-on-High’s Dodo serving as the rarest drop available in the duty, so it might take a while before you can drop it.

Aside from actually getting the Gold sacks safely to the outside, you also need a not-so-small amount of luck to get the mount from them. You can get some other valuable items such as the ‘A Close Shave’ hairstyle in the way, so it won’t be all for naught if you don’t get it at first.

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If you just wanna ride your crab ASAP, you can buy it from the Market Board directly. But since this is quite a rare drop, be prepared to spend half of your life savings on it. 

Your biggest shot at getting it will be when going for the Aeturna mount, which will require you to climb all 100 Floors at least four times. You’re bound to get lots of sacks in the way, so hopefully, at least one person in your group might get the crab. With some luck, that might be you.

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