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How to Unlock the Aeturna Mount in FFXIV

A modern generation armor tiger

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Aeturna Mount

With over 150 mounts to choose from, there’s no shortage of rides in Final Fantasy XIV. The number grows with each update, and there’s a mount for basically every kind of activity available in the game. From high-end raiding to high-end crafting/gathering, there’s always a mountable creature out there waiting for you. One of them is the Aeturna.

This armored tiger is only of the many available mounts in the game, and has a rather complicated but fun method for being obtained. Check out below what you’ll need to do before riding it in FFXIV.

How to Get the Aeturna Mount in FFXIV

Aeturna is the ultimate reward for completing Eureka Orthos up to Floor 100 four times. After reaching the top floor in this perverse tower, players are rewarded with an Orthos Tomestone. These can be exchanged with the Synthesis Node next to Eureka Orthos’ entrance for the Enaretos accessories. 

After getting the Enaretos Earrings, Enaretos Bracelet, Enaretos Ring and Enaretos Necklace, speak with Koh Rabntah at Mor Dhona (X:34.7, Y:19.3) to get the Vintage Vogue achievement. You can then head to your Achievements page and claim your Aeturna. The Sovereign Hero title will also be automatically obtained.

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You can complete the 100-floor runs in any way and at any pace, you want as long as you don’t fail. Feel like rushing all four of them in a single day? You probably shouldn’t do that though, as each run takes some hours to complete. Take your time and do it at a comfortable pace.

Similar to previous Deep Dungeons, you also get special achievements and titles for solo completion of all floors, but that’s not required for getting the mount. Solo runs won’t give you any extra Orthos Tomestones, either. Attempting to do these duties alone is a whole different thing than with a party too, so it’s advised to stick to regular runs for getting the mount. If you really wanna tackle this solo challenge, that’s another story. Good luck!

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