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How to Get the A Close Shave Hairstyle in FFXIV

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by Patrick Souza
A Close Shave Hairstyle FFXIV

Changing your hair in Final Fantasy XIV is so easy that it’s almost therapeutic to a certain extent. Don’t feel like yellow’s your color anymore? Time to go blue! And why not try a new style while you’re already here? 2000 less Gil won’t kill you, that’s for sure. And with tons of new hairstyles dropping every other patch, there’s little to no reason not to try them out.

One of them is the A Close Shave hairstyle, introduced in Patch 6.35 alongside Eureka Orthos. And just like you can imagine, the item required to unlock it is also related to this new Deep Dungeon. Here’s how you get it in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the A Close Shave Hairstyle in FFXIV

Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave is a random drop obtained by scanning the sacks obtained by finding the Accursed Hoard drops inside Eureka Orthos. If you like this really short hairstyle and don’t wanna pay anything, it’s time to start some deep exploring in this ever-changing dungeon. 

Just like Palace of the Dead or Heaven-On-High’s unique hairstyle drops, it can be obtained from any sack ranging from Bronze to Platinum ranks. Higher levels will obviously give you a bigger shot at getting it, but you can randomly obtain it by simply spamming Floors 21-30 while leveling a job.

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If Deep Dungeons aren’t your bop, don’t worry. The hairstyle item is indeed tradable and you can buy it from the Market Board. Deep Dungeon drops tend to be pricey especially when they’re newly released, so be prepared to spend quite some money on it.

A Close Shave is available for Vieras and Hrothgars, so if you’re planning on drinking that sweet vial of Fantasia in your inventory, don’t worry about potentially losing this hairstyle option. You’ll still lose a lot of hats, though.

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