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FFXIV: Where to Find The Name That Way Quest

Name that tune.

by Jesse Vitelli

Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of optional quests that unlock various activities and secret dungeons. These quests are indicated with a big blue exclamation point. Outside of the main scenario, there are plenty of missions to take on around the different regions and zones of FFXIV. If you’re looking to unlock the Loporrit Tribal Quests, you might be stuck looking for a different quest entirely. Here’s where to find the Name That Way quest in FFXIV.

FFXIV: Where to Find the Name That Way Quest

The Name That Way Quest will unlock once you’ve completed the main Endwalker scenario. After this, you can head to the Bestway Burrows on Mare Lamentorum (the moon.)

The questgiver is Knockingway who can be found at the coordinates (X: 22.0, Y: 10.7).

Upon completing this quest, you’ll receive an Aether Current, which is needed to fly in this zone.

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If you’ve already obtained all of the Aether currents on the moon, then you’ve already started this quest chain. You’ll need to finish the other two quests here in order to gain access to the Loporrit Tribal Quest.

Keep looing around the Bestway Burrows for the Blue Exclamation points and you’ll finish the quest in no time. Dreamingway, Livingway, and Knockingway just want to make the moon the best place for humankind, and we don’t blame them. Have you seen Etheryis lately? That place is a mess.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to find the Name That Way quest in Final Fantasy XIV. With the most recent 6.35 patch in FFXIV, there is plenty to discover, uncover, and dive into. Have you unlocked Eurkes Orthos yet? This new deep dungeon is sure to provide you with plenty of new content to enjoy and dive into.

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