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FFXIV: How to Get Shale Brown Dye

Shale – it really rocks!

by Matt Vatankhah

Final Fantasy XIV has an astounding amount of customization to choose from when it comes to how your character is dressed. From mixing and matching random pieces of attire to choosing the colors for each garment, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. One specific color of dye that requires a little more work to obtain than others is Shale Brown Dye, and you won’t simply be able to walk up to a vendor to buy it. At least, not at first. If you’re looking to add some earthy tones to your clothes, or just trying to complete the weekly Fashion Report in the Gold Saucer, we’ll explain how to get Shale Brown Dye in Final Fantasy XIV below.

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FFXIV: How to Get Shale Brown Dye

The cheapest and most reliable source for Shale Brown Dye is from the Sylphic Vendor in the East Shroud zone around the (X: 22, Y: 26) coordinates. The Sylphic Vendor resides with the Sylph Beast Tribe, and being able to purchase dyes from them means earning Reputation with them first.

To unlock Sylph Daily Quests, you’ll first have to complete the quest called Seeking Solace. Once finished, you’ll unlock the ability to complete up to three Sylph quests per day, earning you Reputation points for each completed quest.

Reputation points will begin increasing your Reputation rank with the Sylph tribe, and each new rank unlocks more items available for purchase from the Sylphic Vendor. To unlock the ability to buy Shale Brown Dye, you’ll need to reach Recognized with the Sylphs, the second rank possible.

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Once you’ve reached Recognized rank, Shale Brown Dye can be purchased from the Sylphic Vendor for either 216 gil or 1 Sylphic Goldleaf.

Fortunately, Shale Brown Dye is a tradeable item, meaning it can be bought and sold on the Market Board. If you’d rather skip the legwork of increasing your Reputation with the Sylphs, you can always head to your server’s Market Board to purchase the dye at a premium price.

Keep in mind, prices will soar up during times of high demand, and if you’re looking for Shale Brown Dye to complete the weekly Fashion Report, chances are you’ll be spending a pretty gil on it.

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