FFXIV: How to Get Gaia’s Attire

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FFXIV is full of unique fashion for players to hunt after. Strolling through a major city like Limsa Lominsa or Radz-at-Han with a new glam is the true endgame of Final Fantasy XIV. Some gear is much harder to obtain than others, but luckily we’re here to ensure you can find all the fashion pieces your heart desires. Here’s how to get the Gaia attire in FFXIV.

FFXIV: How to Get Gaia’s Attire

Gaia, the main character of the Eden raid series, took the player base by storm when she was introduced in Shadowbringers post-patch cycle. She sports a black dress with connected sleeves, high stockings, and boots. You can purchase this attire for real money at the FFXIV Item Store.

Gaia’s Attire costs $12 in the store. However, before you purchase it, there are a couple of important notes.

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First off, when you equip Gaia’s Attire, it will take up the chest, arms, legs, and foot gear slots. This means you can not mix and match the pieces of the attire with other fashions in the game. So before purchasing, know that you can only wear it as a whole set; each piece is not individual.

Also, Gaia’s Attire is not dyeable. So you will have to stick with the clothing piece as it is.

If you’re okay with these two above notes, purchase Gaia’s attire and live out your dream of being Gaia in FFXIV.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Gaia’s Attire in FFXIV. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. We have plenty of helpful guides on all of the new patch 6.3 content, such as how to get the Phaethon mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

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