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FFXIV: How to Get Crystalline Tools

They won't break that easily despite being made of crystals

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Splendorous Tools Featured

Crafters and Gatherers in Final Fantasy XIV can also get their own special glowing tools, requiring a similar amount to Relic Weapons. Their own Level 90 equivalents to the ultimate combat weapons are the Crystalline Tools, the Crystarium-themed tools introduced in Patch 6.35 that have a special glowing effect and other small exclusive perks. 

They’re a sign of pure hard work and dedication (and maybe being chronically online too) for those brave souls that decide to take on its lengthy grind. If you wanna be one of them, here’s what you need to do to get them.

How to Get the Crystalline Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

The Crystalline Tools are the final step of the Splendorous Tools after they get two consecutive enhancements. They’re obtained in the An Adaptive Tool quest, in which you must craft/gather/fish repetitively for lots of materials to create the perfect tool.

Every Crystalline Tool is a huge upgrade from its previous Augmented Splendorous step. Their Item Level goes from 590 to 620, and they all share some unique passives:

  • Crafters Tools – Increases to quality are 1.75 times higher than normal when material condition is Good.
  • Botanist and Miner Tools – Increases the chance to trigger Collector’s Intuition by 20% when gathering collectables.
  • Fisher Tool – Has a chance to reduce the GP cost of Powerful Hookset and Precision Hookset by 50%.

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So basically, they make your life a lot easier. They don’t accept materia melding, but their raw stats combined with those unique effects make up for it. And they have a neat glow too, so that’s another plus.

Before starting to make your Crystalline Tools, you’ll need to go through the Splendorous steps first, starting with the An Original Improvement quest in The Crystarium (X:7.8 Y:11.4). After you get the initial tool, you can use White Crafter/Gatherer Scrips to purchase the other ones. You’ll use lots of Scrips during the quests, so completing your weekly Custom Deliveries can help you a lot in that area.

Good luck with your Tool grinding!

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