FFXIV: How to Get Commendation Crystals

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FFXIV Commendation Crystals Featured

PvP battles in Final Fantasy XIV received a major overhaul with the 6.1 patch, where new modes were introduced and all jobs received massive reworks. These new modes also brought some special items as rewards to them, and one of those is the Commendation Crystal, a special item given to those diehard fans of conflict over a crystal. Here’s how you can get more Commendation Crystals in FFXIV.

Where to Get Commendation Crystals in FFXIV

Commendation Crystals are rewarded for reaching the Diamond Rank or higher in Crystalline Conflict. Alongside the usual Frame Kit assets you get for each Ranking, you also get those special crystals from Season 7 onward.

  • Diamond – 1 Commendation Crystal
  • Crystal – 2 Commendation Crystals
  • Top 100 Players in the Server – 2 Commendation Crystals

Rewards are not cumulative, so you can only earn up to two Crystals per season. If your only goal is the Crystals, you might as well stop at the Crystal Rank. You also need to claim your rewards before the following season is over (Season 7 rewards need to be claimed before 8 is gone), or you’ll lose them forever.

You can claim them in the Seasonal Quartermaster NPC in the Wolves’ Den Pier at (X: 4.9, Y:5.7).. Seasons are different from the Series Malmstone rewards (AKA the PvP Battle Pass), and they’re finished way before the patch rolls out.

How to Use Commendation Crystals

Commendation Crystals are used to upgrade the Hellhound weapons to the Augmented Hellhound weapons in the Commendation Quartermaster at the Wolves’s Den Pier at (X: 4.5, Y: 6.2). You need two Crystals and the base weapon to get the Augmented version, which has a special glow. You can check all weapons on the official Crystalline Conflict Rewards Lodestone page.

This will, of course, require you to play a lot of PvP. And by a lot, I mean a huge lot. Getting a Win Streak gives you some quick rankings, but you get demoted just as fast if you’re in a bad moment. At the very least, it makes it easier to grind some of the Series Rewards such as the Slump emote.

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