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FFXIV: How to Get Athletikos Cloth

Sleeveless version all the way

Some of the newly introduced clothing options in the Final Fantasy XIV 6.5 patch “Growing Light” are the Martial Artist items, which include the Martial Artist’s Vest, Sleeveless Vest, Slops, and Pumps. All of these can be crafted by using a new material known as the Athletikos Cloth, and here’s where you can find that crucial piece to fashion.

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Where to Find Athletikos Cloth in FFXIV

The Athletikos Cloth is a random drop from the Kumbhiraskin and the Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps available for Level 90 characters. You can randomly get a piece of it by opening the base treasure or find it inside a Treasure Map portal chest if you were lucky enough to get one. These maps are meant to do with parties, so bring some friends or your FC to help you with that.

The drop rates for the Cloth are quite slim, so they’ll go for some huge amounts in the Market Board if you happen to get a few of them. The same can be said for the completed Martial Artist items, so you know you’ve hit the jackpot if you get your hands on any of them.

Each Martial Artist piece uses a single Athletikos Cloth, so you can get a full set with four of them. Leatherworkers can craft the Pumps, while Weavers can make the remaining items. The deeper you travel in a Treasure Map portal, the higher your chances for rare drops will be. But your chances of getting kicked out also increase, so be careful.

How to Get Treasure Maps in FFXIV

Treasure Maps can be mainly obtained from Disciple of Land jobs. Certain nodes might contain a map when you’re gathering them with Miner or Botanist, while Fishers can snag them from certain seas by using the Snagging skill before casting their hooks. You can only get one map every 18hrs with this method. Alternatively, you can also get maps from Wondrous Tails and from the Market Board.


When doing the activities above, make sure you’re looking for Level 90 nodes/fishing holes, or you won’t find the required Treasure Maps that can get you the Athletikos Cloth.

Regardless of your method of choice, you’ll need some good luck to get this item quickly. Or just money. Money usually solves your problem. You might wanna try selling a Unreal mount such as the Lunatender to get some easy cash.

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