FFXIV: How to Catch a Twinklefleece in Island Sanctuary

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Final Fantasy XIV’s recent 6.2 content patch adds yet another healthy serving of additional side content for players to enjoy with the introduction of the new Island Sanctuary feature. If gathering piles of resources is your thing, you can begin transforming your private getaway island into a functioning farm where you grow crops, tend to farm animals, and produce goods for exportation. Capturing the wildlife found around your isle and tending to their needs will reward you with “Leavings” that the animals drop once per day, many of which are used in crafts and production, and one of the most sought-after animals available is the rare Twinklefleece. If you can’t live without this adorable little pal, read on to learn how to catch a Twinklefleece in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary.

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Capturing Animals in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Special restraints are necessary to capture animals around the isle and, depending on the size of your desired catch, you’ll need an appropriately-sized restraint to do the trick. The Twinklefleece is considered a Small animal, so the basic Makeshift Net is all you need for a chance to bring one home. The Island Sanctuary tutorial guides you on how to craft the net, but in case you need more, gather up these materials:

  • 1 Island Branch
  • 2 Island Vine

After crafting the Makeshift Net, switch to Capture mode and select it as your tool.

Capturing the Twinklefleece – Time, Weather, and Location

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Did we mention that the Twinklefleece is rare? Unlike the more common spawns that appear based on a window of Eorzean time or the current weather, the Twinklefleece is only seen during both the correct time and weather combined. Essentially, this means that you may only get one to two attempts per day to even spot the tiny critter out in the wild. To find the Twinklefleece, you’ll need to hunt between the hours of 6 PM to 9 PM Eorzean Time during the “Fog” weather pattern. The current weather can be checked by hovering over the small icon attached to your minimap. If those two conditions are met, head over to the northern side of The Wilds region around the (X: 22, Y: 20) coordinates to spot this elusive, golden puffball.

Approach the Twinklefleece from behind and use the Makeshift Net on them to attempt a catch. Capturing an animal is never guaranteed, so you may not be successful the first few times. However, once you’ve successfully snagged them, the Twinklefleece will be transported back to the pasture in your Island Sanctuary, frolicking away with your other animals. How cute! Keep them well-fed and happy during their stay, and they’ll reward you by dropping Sanctuary Fleece leavings for you to collect once a day.

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