FFXIV: How to Catch a Beachcomb in Island Sanctuary

Also responds to "Sandbrush".

After the August 23 release of Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.2 content patch, players are scurrying around their own private getaways in the new Island Sanctuary feature. Offering hours worth of gathering resources, crafting tools, growing produce, and capturing wild animals, there’s never not something that needs attention in the new slice of side content. Roaming around the isle is a plethora of wildlife that, while equipped with the correct tools, can be captured and domesticated back at your farm for the chance of special “Leavings” dropped once per day by each animal. If you’re looking to add one of the more rare catches to your farm, continue reading to learn how to catch a Beachcomb in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary.

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Capturing Animals in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Animals range from small, medium, to large in size, and can only be captured by using the appropriately-sized tool for the job. The Beachcomb is considered a Small catch and, therefore, only requires a Makeshift Net to take home. You’ve likely already learned how to craft the Makeshift Net through the Island Sanctuary tutorial, but in case you forgot, you’ll need the following materials to do so:

  • 1 Island Branch
  • 2 Island Vine

Once crafted, you can change to Capture mode and equip the net as your tool of choice.

Capturing the Beachcomb – Time, Weather, and Location

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Some rare spawns are based purely on a window of Eorzean time while others are based on the current weather. The Beachcomb is even rarer – spawning strictly during a specific time and weather pattern combined. To find the Beachcomb, you’ll need to hunt between the hours of 12 AM to 3 PM Eorzean Time during the “Rain” weather pattern while hanging around the north-western waterfalls near the (X: 18, Y: 13) coordinates. Check the weather by hovering over the small icon attached to your minimap, and be careful not to confuse “Rain” weather with “Showers” weather, as they are two distinct patterns.

Sneak up behind the Beachcomb and use the Makeshift Net on them to attempt a capture. It may take a few tries but, once successful, you’ll transport your hard-shelled friend right back to the pasture in your Island Sanctuary. Keep these little ones happy and well-fed, and they’ll reward you with Sanctuary Carapace leavings once per day to collect.

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