FFXIV: All New Hrothgar Hairstyles in 6.5

Hopefully female Hrothgars will be immediately fabulous from release

FFXIV 6.5 Hrothgar Hairstyles Featured

Although they’re one of the least-played races in FFXIV, Hrothgars also deserve love, and they’ve been getting some of that in the latest patches. With each update, more hairstyles are slowly being added to them, and things wouldn’t be different in the final Endwalker patch 6.5, “Growing Light.” Let’s see how great these lions look in those new hairdos.

All New Hrothgar Hairstyles in FFXIV Patch 6.5

Fortunately, Hrothgars got four new hair options in this patch, and they all won’t cut their ears off. Three are naturally available on character creation and Aethetician, while the other must be unlocked manually in other activities. The other one is the Styled for Hire hairstyle, available for PvP enjoyers of Eorzea.

  • FFXIV 6.5 Hrothgar Hairstyles Hair 1
  • FFXIV 6.5 Hrothgar Hairstyles Hair 2
  • FFXIV 6.5 Hrothgar Hairstyles Hair 3

More images will be added for the unlockable hairstyles later. If you have already unlocked the hairstyle beforehand, you can immediately change to it in any nearby Crystal Bell for the small fee of 2000 Gil.

Where to Unlock the New Hrothgar Hairstyles in 6.5

HairstyleWhere to GetNPC
Modern Aesthetics – Styled for HireBuy for 18.000 Wolf Marks at Wolves’ Den Pier.Mark Quartermaster (X: 4.5, Y: 6.0)

As this hairstyle is exclusive to PvP, it is also trade-forbidden; therefore, you cannot obtain it from the Market Board from other players. Wolf Marks can be obtained by participating in any PvP mode, so pick your best fighting job and get some battles rolling. A lot of new items introduced in 6.5 can only be obtained through PvP, so grinding a bit might not be that bad.

More hairstyles are being added to Hrothgar with each patch, and with rumors of a possible announcement for a female iteration of the race, it’s great to know that they’ll soon get more of their well-deserved spotlight, even though they still cannot use helmets properly.

Viera is in the same boat with restrictions, although they already have two gender options in character creation. They’re a bit ahead in the hair-getting race, but hopefully, it will be evened out eventually.

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