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FFVII Crisis Core: What is The Laughing Safe Code?

Who's laughing now?

by Jesse Vitelli

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion has a few tricks up its sleeves. While not straying from the course of the original game, some puzzles still are tricky to figure out today. This is the case with the Laughing Safe, which you will discover pretty late into the game. The combination can be tricky. So, here is the Laughing Safe code in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

FFVII Crisis Core: What is The Laughing Safe Code?

First off, the code is randomized for everyone, so we can’t simply give you the combination, but we can guide you to the correct answer and give you tips along the way.

First off, you’ll want to head left at the top of Shinra Manor and go in the first door on the right. Here is where you will find the safe and a slip of paper next to it on the floor.

This piece of paper will be your guiding key for unlocking the safe and determining the combination. It will give you the four things you need to uncover the code.

  • First Digit: Knowledge Overflowing
  • Second Digit: Unwelcome Faces
  • Third Digit: Tasty Reminders of Home
  • Fourth Digit: Resting on All Four Feet

You will need to find the four locked rooms in the manor and look through the keyhole of each of them. Then count the number of items corresponding to the hints above.

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Leave the room with the safe and go to the door at the end of the hall. You’ll peer through the keyhole to see a room with a bed, dresser, and scattered objects. Look for the purple Apples and cans of food around the room. This is your third digit.

From here, head downstairs and look through the doors on the ground floor. Here you will find a bunch of monsters floating around. Count the number of monsters, and this will be your second digit.

Head across the ground floor to the other locked door and peer through it. Here you will find a room with chairs in it. Count the number of chairs, and that is your fourth digit.

Finally, head back upstairs, go right, and then left to find another door. Open it to discover a room with a bookshelf. Count the number of books on top of the shelf. This is your first digit.

Now put all of those together to determine the Laughing Safe code. That’s everything you need to know. You’ve opened the safe, now claim your prize. Check out our review of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

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