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FestiVersus 2022: MultiVersus Holiday Event Guide

We're gonna need a support group for all the 12,000 holiday doodad collectors at this rate

by Lucas White

We survived a couple more months and have settled into MultiVersus’ Open Beta Season Two content. We got Marvin the Martian, a Space Jam stage, and some more Battle Pass controversy. Now we’ve run into Player First Games’ second holiday event. This time it’s called FestiVersus, and is a winter holiday (mostly Christmas) event featuring a new collectible currency, new skins and plenty of grinding for everyone. Happy holidays!

FestiVersus is set to run from today (December 14, 2022) until January 17. Like the Halloween event’s Candy, this time playing games will reward players with Holiday Cookies based on various factors. With enough cookies, folks will be able to exchange for seasonal rewards and gold coins. The rewards for turning in Cookies will look similar to last time, but there’s one new addition-slash-reaction to feedback.

Login rewards are introduced this time, giving players a little freebie just for logging into MultiVersus every day during the event. For the most part this means bonus Cookies, but there are also a couple cosmetic items, some boosters and even a new Reindog skin. If you log in all 36 days, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Holiday Cookie Badge
  • BP Booster x 4
  • Holiday Cookies x 6,350
  • “Lil Toastie” Profile Icon
  • Holiday Reindog Rare Variant

And you can get the following rewards for trading in your Holiday Cookies:

  • Gingerbread Toast Rare Profile Icon – 500 Cookies
  • Let It Snow Rare Sticker – 600 Cookies
  • Snowman Sledding Epic Ringout VFX – 5,000 Cookies
  • Ugly Sweater Superman Rare Variant – 12,000 Cookies

To get Holiday Cookies, there are two different ways. One, playing matches (natch). You earn 20 Cookies for a win and 10 Cookies for a loss. If you or a teammate is wearing one of the FestiVersus skins (or the new Black Adam skin), you get double Cookies. There are also daily event missions, such as “Play Three Matches of Snowball Fight.” Snowball Fight being a new mode for Silly Queue during the event.

That’s all you need to know for how to get the most out of your time while the 2022 FestiVersus event is underway. Login rewards appear to be applied automatically, but without a notification. At least on day one, the “claim” screen did not appear for me when I opened the game, but I do have the Holiday Cookie Badge in my Collection.

Lucas White

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