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Fantasy Life – Choose the Best Life Class for You

by Prima Games Staff

With 12 Life Classes to choose from, Fantasy Life for 3DS does a great job of breaking up the usual monotonous grinding to get from point A to point B. Whether you’re going with full combat and sticking with the Mercenary or Paladin trees is solely up to you, but before you set out on your adventure, let’s take a quick look into the different lives you can enjoy in the beautifully crafted world of Riveria.

Life in Riveria

Upon starting the game, you’ll choose your first Life Class. This is the life you’ll use to go through the tutorials and get started. However, once you’ve completed all of the opening quests, you can easily head to the Guild Office and pick up a License for another life.

The lives include the following:

Combat Oriented

Paladin – The standard sword fighting hero. This life enables a relatively quick character who is skilled in fighting, but not much else. 

Mercenary – The offbeat hero of the story, the mercenary class allows players to wield a large heavy hitting, two-handed broadsword. 

Hunter – Like any classic role-playing game, the Hunter class takes on the role of ranged weaponry with the use of its bow skills.

Wizard – Starting out weak, the wizard class leaves a bit to be desired. However, if given the proper amount of time and care, it grows into one of the stronger classes in the game.

Crafting Oriented

Miner – Useful for gathering ore from rocks, the miner class is obviously all about mining. This class is especially useful for players looking to find materials for crafting using other classes.

Woodcutter – If wood is your forte, look no further. Not much of a fighting class, the hunter is a definite class pickup for anyone looking to craft materials requiring lumber.

Angler – Ready to take on the wild lakes of Riveria? Then this is your class. The Angler is a highly skilled fisherman, whose class focuses more on the ambient nature of the game rather than combat.

Carpenter – This class is a must have for players looking to create new furniture and other things to decorate their room with.

Blacksmith – Are you let down by the weapons and armor you’re finding for sale in the town shops? If you answered yes, then the blacksmith class just might be your answer. Use materials like ore to create armor and raise your own defenses far above what the simpletons in town have to offer.

Cook – If you’re having a hard time keeping your HP and SP up, this is the class you’re going to want to put some focus into. The cook specializes in creating fine delicacies to restore HP, SP and remove the harmful effects of poison and other dangerous items.

Alchemist – If cooking isn’t your thing, there is another option to save your money from the greedy potion sellers. The alchemist class focuses solely on creating potions that restore HP, SP, keep you awake, put you to sleep and even more.

Tailor – If you’re looking for a day of relaxation along the beaches of Tortuga and you want to look your spiffiest, this is a great class. The tailor specializes in making non-combat clothes, and even though they aren’t useful in combat, they are very aesthetically pleasing.

Useful Life Combinations

While we’d like to tell you to explore and level a little bit with every class, this isn’t the most viable option for players not looking to waste several hours just getting started. That said, we took a little of the guesswork out of this process to give you useful life combinations. You should experiment and work with whatever classes you want, as any class you take to the Novice level will allow you to use its specialties even while having other licenses equipped.

The Good Life – Mercenary, Woodcutter, Carpenter, Tailor

This combination focuses on useful combat skills, as well as the class skills you’ll need to make your home and person look as great as can be. The mercenary class will allow you to make some easy Dosh killing baddies, while the three crafting oriented classes will allow you to create nice clothes as well as furniture for your character to keep living big.

The Hero – Paladin, Mercenary, Miner, Blacksmith, Alchemist

This class combination will allow you to build your own armor, create your own potions as well as provide you with the hardest hitting melee skills in the game. Use the Paladin class with a one-handed sword and shield, while the mercenary will allow the use of the hard hitting greatswords the game has to offer.

The WizardWizards, Alchemist, Tailor

This combination of classes will allow you to create your own potions while still giving you a hard hitting combat skill. We also added the tailor class because let’s face it, a wizard has to look good, right?

This represents only a small amount of the combinations possible in this game, and should not be the only combinations you look into. As we said, feel free to expand, experiment and even change them altogether. This system of combining skills is what makes games Fantasy Life 3DS so enthralling and enjoyable. What are you waiting for? Get out there and save the world!

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