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Fae Farm Flammo
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Fae Farm’s Update 1.4.0 Promises to Tackle the Game’s Most Glaring Issues

The only bugs you'll be catching are the ones with your net.

On the official Fae Farm Discord channel, Josh Hood gave an update on what to expect when Patch 1.4.0 goes live, with a tentative release date of October 17, 2023. The significant list of patch notes spans gameplay, general progression, animal care, relationships, multiplayer, and other miscellaneous items. The released list is quite large and is stated only to be some of the 50+ fixes and improvements that will be implemented once the patch goes live.

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All Known Updates to Fae Farm in Patch 1.4.0

Once Patch 1.4.0 goes live in Fae Farm, expect to have a significantly different experience with the game, as most if not all of the most obnoxious bugs will have been fixed. The different bugs have really weighed down the game, and with them rectified, it will be a far greater experience than it was previously.

Gameplay Updates

There are many updates to the core gameplay experience that have been requested by the community. Most of these I have personally experienced, and so they are very welcome. I did get a laugh overloading into a rock, but it gets old after the first time.

  • Occasionally players will load a save and find that they have loaded into a rock on their farm or a black void outside of the map. This will no longer happen.
  • Hooray! You will no longer be rushed when looking in your Storage or interacting with your Mailbox, as time will now be paused.
  • Using certain keyboard shortcuts to bring up specific menus now pause the game.
  • Occasionally, you would be unable to plant multiple seeds at once by holding the button down, and this has been fixed.
  • No longer will you sometimes automatically use fertilizer when planting a seed in wet soil.
  • The chance of producing a sapling from the Propagation Hives have been increased.

Progression Updates

There have been multiple reports of players stuck at certain parts of the story due to glitches that will soon be rectified.

  • Players can progress through the story once again after they were unable to do so due to a skipped cutscene blocking progression.
  • Players can progress story quests once again after a glitch caused by canceling dialogue would result in them not being able to be continued.
  • There was an issue where you could not deliver a sprite quest item, if you had the same item requested for a current shipping contract. This has now been fixed.
  • Rarely, the order of tools will be mixed up which will mean that they cannot be upgraded. This will now be fixed.
  • Sometimes festival quests would take more items than requested if you had extra in your inventory. This will no longer happen.

Relationship Updates

Once of the biggest complains people had with Fae Farm is the relationships with the NPC characters. They dialogue was rather bland, the relationships weren’t it, with barely anything happening post marriage, and there was a rather funny bug which married you to a random NPC out of nowhere. It’s good to see that the relationship side of things is getting some much needed updates.

  • Sometimes an NPC would be listed as your spouse without marrying them. This will no longer be the case.
  • Prior to this update, if you paid for the wedding and quit before it took place, it could generate a bug where the wedding wouldn’t happen and you would be perpetually engaged. This is no longer the case.
  • If the day ended in Multiplayer when you were choosing your wedding outfit, you would be possibly locked out of the wedding. This has been fixed, but the Fae outfit is the outfit that will be automatically chosen. You will still have all three in your inventory afterwards however.
  • Sometimes in Multiplayer, players wouldn’t be invited on dates and this has now been fixed.

Animal Care Updates

Boy, there’s been a longer of glitches regarding animal care. And, even more when it comes to breeding. I am excited to see the updates in this manner, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not lose my golden Cottontail that is on my farm, but not registered.

  • Animals would sometimes stop producing materials and this has now been fixed.
  • Sometimes breeding would be canceled without being completed, with animals randomly returning home. This will not happen anymore.
  • Sometimes sold animals will return to you to haunt you once more after you saved and reloaded your game. They will be gone for good after the update.
  • Occasionally, animals from the first and second farms would appear at the most recent Animal Lure even if it was located on a farm that they did not live on.

Multiplayer Updates

The last time that I played Multiplayer, it still had a lot of issues. This was prior to the Day One patch, and there have been updates to it since. However, there’s still common issues that players continue to encounter. With some of the biggest now being patched out.

  • Sometimes, if a player didn’t join correctly, they would force their way in, skip the character creator, and exist as the default character with missing key tools. This has been fixed.
  • If the above happened to you, you will be sent back to the character creation page, and you will lose all of the progress that you have made.
  • Sometimes interacting with items from storage or crafting sheds would result in them going missing from your inventory when in Multiplayer. This will no longer happen.

Miscellaneous Updates

There are other bugs that have been encountered in the game that also need to be patched. So far, there has only been a singular update announced.

  • Sometimes dyeing an outfit and then switching to another would have the incorrect dye colors reflected in the new outfit. This will no longer happen.

Whilst the initial release of Fae Farm has been full of interesting bugs, and annoying glitches. The development team has been open and transparent with communication and has worked endlessly to rectify them. Update 1.4.0 looks to be the biggest yet and should transport the game to a much more playable state. Which is something to be excited about!

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