How to Fix the Random Marriage Bug in Fae Farm

Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today.

Fae Farm Dating
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As a whole, Fae Farm is a joy to play. However, there are some surprising bugs that one may encounter. An example of this is randomly being married to an NPC without warning. As alarming as this may be, there is a solution to this problem, and fortunately, you are not bound to your new spouse forever. Here is how to divorce your spouse in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm: How to Divorce Your Surprise Spouse

Whether or not you’ve had your eye on a certain someone and were married to someone else, or you didn’t want to partake in the romance component of the game at all and were married off, do not worry, as, fortunately, it can be fixed.

If you have found yourself married to someone that you do not want to be married to. Follow these steps to free yourself by throwing a surprise annulment back at them.

  • Fae Farm How to Divorce
  • Fae Farm How to Divorce
  • Fae Farm How to Divorce
  • Open the Fae Farm menu and navigate to ‘Relationships.’
  • In the ‘Relationships’ tab, go to the ‘Romance’ column.
  • Find your Spouse, who should be at the top of the list.
  • Press Y to reset the relationship.
  • There will be a confirmation screen. Press A to confirm.
  • Live your best Bachelor/Bachelorette life.

I cannot promise that this bug won’t happen to you again or that it won’t hit you multiple times, and you will end up married to the whole town. At least there’s the option to reset your relationship so that the bug won’t permanently impact you. This also means that if you decide you do not want to stay married to your partner, as rather pointless, you can reset it and view all of the different dating scenes in the game, which is really the only character development that you will see.

Because you can reset the relationship, you might as well explore all of the potential Fae Farm dating options before choosing who you want to marry in the end. There’s no harm in it, as divorce is free in the world of Fae Farm. See ya, Pepper!

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