Fae Farm: All Romanceable Characters Listed

Date one or date them all!

Fae Farm Key Art
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Fae Farm, the upcoming magical farming sim, will include six potential love interests that you can woo and eventually marry. All six characters are unique, and there are no restraints on who you can choose to date and eventually marry. With the game’s release date fast approaching, there is no time like the present to choose which character you plan on romancing in Fae Farm!

All Characters That You Can Date in Fae Farm

I know that when it comes to farming sims with multiple potential love interests, I first like to examine the list in advance to see who I want to focus my attention on. Sometimes, that changes when I play the game and interact with them. However, it’s a great starting point! Especially when the days are so short, and there’s so much to do in-game. Knowing who you want to mingle with after a long day of watering crops, tending to livestock, and crawling through dangerous dungeons is nice.

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The following six characters can be romanced in Fae Farm:

  • Argyle
  • Galan
  • Jack
  • Nhamashal
  • Pepper
  • Pyria
Fae Farm Relationships
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The way romance works in Fae Farm differs slightly from the standard procedure in other similar games. This is because when playing multiplayer, everyone can interact fully with the world around them. Any player can flirt, go on dates, and eventually marry any of the romanceable characters in the game. This means that if you’ve got your eye on a certain someone, you better rush before someone else gets there first. The early bird gets the engagement. As for me, I’m planning on playing solo for fear of losing out on Nhamashal.

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