Will Fae Farm Have a Main Story Path Ending? – Answered

Looks like you can play Fae Farm for a fae-ry long time to come!

Fae Farm Gameplay
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Farming sims tend to differ when it comes to how they handle the end of the game and post-credit continuation. Some do not have a true story end and continue indefinitely, some have a story that ends, and when it does, the game also ends. Whilst others are a mix of both of these. So, with Fae Farm’s upcoming release, eager players are wondering what to expect in terms of how the game ends? Luckily, the developers have answered our question, and we now know how Fae Farm’s ending will work.

Can you Continue to Play Fae Farm Post Story Credits?

The developers of Fae Farm have answered this question on the question-and-answer channel of their Discord.

Yes there is a main story path and end credits! And there are plenty of side quests and other activities that you can continue with after your main quests are done (if you haven’t already finished them all).

Josh Hood, August 21, 2023

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This is great news for the longevity of the game. With the game packed to the brim with content, including having four potential locations to raise animals on the homestead, as opposed to the usual one, players are going to be busy. Having the option to continue all areas of the game, including side quests, means that players can play the game in whatever manner they want to and will not be penalized or locked out of content for doing so.

The developers have always stated that they want the game to have a cozy feel to it. No matter how someone prefers to play, Fae Farm will be able to meet their needs. It is great to hear that despite the daily time limit, you will have time to complete all of the content, whether pre or post-game.

So, focus on the main story or romance every character first; it doesn’t matter. Fae Farm will allow you to continue playing indefinitely after you roll the credits to experience everything this magical game has to offer.

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