Fae Farm: How to Complete Boletal’s ‘Sour But Sweet’ Quest

I hope you have an iron stomach.

Fae Farm Sour but Sweet Quest
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You’ve made it through every floor of the Floating Ruins, defeated enemies, collected ore, and encountered more sentient statues than you could have ever imagined. Now it’s time to see what lurks at the dungeon’s bottom. Fortunately for you, the miasma producer is the fun-seeking Boletal. It’s now up to you to complete the quest ‘Sour but Sweet’ and let life return to the Elven Village.

How to Obtain Everything Boletal Requests in Fae Farm

After the meet-and-greet session with Boletal, you will learn that this large, magical creature wants to have fun. You, being the hero that you are, will volunteer to help grab all of the ingredients necessary to create the exciting feast that Boile requests. Boletal will request the following items:

  • 3 Fae Dust
  • 15 Clover Feed
  • 5 Spore Essence
  • 10 Violet Jellycaps
  • 5 Polished Emerald

The vast variety of items will mean you need to fish, gather, and cook to obtain all the ingredients. The method of obtaining each ingredient can be found in the below table.

Item RequestedHow to Obtain
Fae Dust (3)• Catch any variety of Sprite or Fairy critter in the Elven Village.
• Deposit them into the Fae Critter Conservatory.
• Receive the Fae Dust in exchange at a rate of 1:1.
Clover Feed (15)Found in abundance in the Elven Village. Use the Sickle to harvest the fodder-like plant.
Spore Essence (5)• Upgrade to a Feyrite Sickle.
• Enter the Floating Ruins and find Sporeweed.
• Use the Potion Ingredient Station to convert Sporeweed into Spore Essence.
• Receive the Spore Essence at a rate of 4:1.
Violet Jellycaps (10)Found in abundance in the Elven Village. Look out for a bunch of tall, slim mushrooms that are a vibrant purple in color.
Polished Emerald (5)• Upgrade to a Feyrite Pickax.
• Enter the Floating Ruins and find Rough Emerald.
• Use the Gem Polisher to convert Rough Emerald into Polished Emerald.
• Receive the Polished Emerald at a rate of 10:1.

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Note: The Fae Critter Conservatory, Potion Ingredient Station, and Gem Polisher can all be added to your homestead by pressing down on the D-pad to enter Build Mode and then down again to select it from the Crafting section of the Build Catalog.

Now that the Miasma has been cleared, many Elven Village residents are excited to be able to return home, and you will now have a new homestead to call your own. Phew, that’s quite the number of farms, but the Fae livestock you can raise makes it worth it.

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