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Evolve Tips for Killing the Monster – Strategies for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith

by Prima Games Staff

Taking down a giant Monster is a lot more involved than just shooting it, especially if said Monster has no intention on running away and plans to fight back. It will take an entire team of Hunters to bring these beasts down, and the path to victory varies depending on who shows up – the Goliath, Kraken or Wraith.

Ever since Evolve released earlier this week, we have been busy providing gamers with strategies to serve them well in all situations and with any characters. This includes our basic beginner’s tips, as well as some in-depth information on how to play as the Monster. Today, we’re going to turn our attention to the Hunters and what strategies they can use to bring these horrifying beasts to their knees.

Keep in mind that our squad suggestions are just that, not the definitive solution to solving the puzzle that is each Monster. Play style and environment are only two of the factors that can change who is the best Hunter for the job.

Killing the Goliath

The Goliath is a Monster that excels in melee combat, meaning the smaller the battleground, the more at home it will be. For this reason, we suggest trying a combination of Parnell (Assault), Caira (Medic), Hank (Support) and Maggie (Trapper).

Using Parnell’s Super Soldier ability will allow him to dart in and out of combat without having to worry about getting cornered and pounced on by the beast. Because Caira has a similar ability in the Acceleration Shield, plus the ability to revive Hunters from great distances, she is our pick for Medic. The Trapper is almost a no-brainer given that Maggie comes with a Pet Trapjaw named Daisy, a 400 pound creature that can track the beast and revive fallen Hunters. Finally, we round out our team with Hank on Support. His Shield Projector can prevent the Goliath from overwhelming teammates, plus the Orbital Barrage is very effective against one of the less mobile of the three Monsters.

Tip: The movement restriction of the Goliath makes the Maggie/Daisy combination perfect as the choice for Trapper. Daisy can track this creature fast, allowing the Hunters to kill it before it can evolve to Stage 2.

Killing the Kraken

The Kraken is all about movement and agility, but that comes at the expense of lower armor and health than the Goliath. Our time with the game saw us struggle against this creature, mostly because it can be a nightmare to track down. Our preferred crew to go after this Monster is Parnell (Assault), Val (Medic), Hank (Support) and Griffin (Trapper).

We again chose Parnell for his Super Soldier ability and Multifire Rocket Launcher. Val is a solid pick at Medic because of her Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle, Medgun, Tranquilizer Gun and Class Ability in the form of the Healing Burst. This woman’s skills are perfect to battle the Kraken. When it comes to Support, Hank is a decent choice due to his Shield Projector, but this is the class that is more up to player preference than any other. Lastly, we went with Griffin for our Trapper. Yes, the Maggie/Daisy combination is great for tracking, but Griffin carries the Harpoon Gun, a variation on the Harpoon Traps that is much more versatile for the movement capabilities of the Kraken.

Tip: The Trapper needs to slap the Mobile Arena down to box the Kraken in, then focus on using the Harpoon Gun to hold it in one place while the Assault Class deals out some major damage. The Medic should focus on staying clear of the beast while simultaneously keeping the rest of the team healthy and in the fight.

Killing the Wraith

Wraith is all about deception when put up against the Hunters, and there are aspects of this Monster that potentially make it the most difficult to deal with. Again, its armor and health aren’t up to par with the Goliath, but the fact that it can deploy a Decoy and cloak itself makes things tricky. Although more time with the game might see us change our minds (we’ll update you if that happens), our team of ideal Hunters is Hyde (Assault), Caira (Medic), Bucket (Support) and Abe (Trapper).

We decided to go with Hyde due to the fact he packs a Flamethrower, and even a cloaked Monster will show up if it’s on fire. Caira was an easy choice at Medic for a similar reason with the Napalm Grenade Launcher, as well as her Acceleration Field that will help the Hunters keep up with the beast in the early moments of the match. For Support we went with Bucket, but again this is the class that people can play with a little more than the others. Bucket does have a UAV that comes in the form of his head, though, something that will also help track the Wraith early on. Lastly, we went with Abe as our Trapper for several reasons. First of all, the Stasis Grenades will help to slow the Monster down, and that is one of the main keys to defeating it. Secondly, the Tracking Dart Pistol is a great way to keep tabs on the prey after that initial encounter is over. If Hunters can track the Monster down initially, Abe is a great choice to make sure they don’t lose it going forward.

Tip: If the Wraith does cloak, Hunters will want to set it on fire as quickly as possible. This will allow the Monster to be tracked, even if the conditions are less than optimal.

We have more Evolve strategy on the way this week, but for gamers who want the best tips and tricks in the world, be sure to click the link below to pick up a copy of the official strategy guide. Where we scratch the surface, the official guide takes things as in-depth as anyone could ask for.

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