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Everything Included in Wild Hearts Karakuri Edition

More japanese-styled armory

by Patrick Souza

Wild Hearts is almost here to be the new alternative for Monster Hunter that you’ve been hunting for a while. With all similarities and differences aside, two different versions of the game were made available for preordering: Standard and Karakuri. Both have their own exclusive features, but which one should you be getting?

If you happened to play the game through the Early Access included in the EA Play subscription (or if you’re really digging this game), that’s not a hard choice at all to make. But for those still unsure of which version they should get or those that don’t know about their features, here are all the exclusive perks of the enhanced Karakuri Edition.

Everything Included in Wild Hearts Karakuri Edition

The bonuses in Karakuri Edition are mostly cosmetics that have no impact on gameplay, so if you don’t care enough for them, just stick with the Standard version. All editions contain:

  • The chat stamps Poker Face, Just Woke-Up, Playing, Besties, Sleepy
  • The emote Ferocious Kemono

Karakuri Edition includes all of the above, and also adds the following:

  • Two special Karakuri Samurai and Karakuri Ninja armor sets 
  • A Decorative Tsukumo Lantern
  • Three extra emotes – Fighting Spirit, Grovel, and Conch
Karakuri Edition features
Image via EA

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If hunting giant monsters with impossibly functional weapons and tools are your thing, getting that Karakuri Edition might be the right call for you as that’s exactly what this game promises to deliver. And don’t worry if you never played Monster Hunter before. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and this game seems just like a good place.

And that’s all you need to know about the Karakuri Edition for Wild Hearts, which is definitely a must-buy if you’re planning to gather your homies for some mythical-beast killing on the weekend. Still unsure? No worries, you can get the Karakuri pack later if you want to.

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