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Everything Included in the Pokemon UNITE Club Membership (July 2022)

Is the Pokemon UNITE Club Membership good or not?

by Nikola L

The Pokemon UNITE Club Membership is yet another subscription service for gamers. Should you subscribe to it? Or should you pass on it? We’ll do our best to help you with the decision by laying out everything that’s included in Pokemon UNITE’s Club Membership.

What Do You Get in the Pokemon UNITE Club Membership?

Source: PokemonUnite Twitter

For $9.99 a month, you get:

  • First-time membership benefit
  • 40 Aeos gems each day
  • 1 free Holowear of the month, each month
  • Additional Trial Unite licenses every week (two of them)
  • Trial Holowear every week (two of them)
  • Special Portrait frames and Chat Speech bubbles
  • New fashion items are discounted by -10%

(Disclaimer: You should always consult the official in-game information before you complete the purchase because Nintendo reserves the right to change the content of the membership and its benefits without any notice or explanation)

Monthly membership benefits are issued at the beginning of each month (or when you make the purchase). Also, be mindful that in most countries, this service is set to automatically renew each month by default.

Should I Buy the Pokemon UNITE Club Membership?

If you are playing the game every day, we’d say it’s worth it. For $10 (rounded up), you get 1,200 Aeos gems per month (40 gems x 30 days on average) whereas a package of ~1,200 gems costs ~$20 normally and you will get your value out of it as time passes.

However, if you’re a casual player that plays from time to time, this might not be worth buying at all. Also, keep in mind that for half a year of the membership ($60), you can buy a AAA game and you might end up paying for virtual goods that you don’t need. Sure, it provides visual enhancements for your gameplay and in-game currency, but most casual players make it just fine without investing money in free-to-play games.

At some point, you can, of course, stop paying for the membership, and you will be able to retain some of the perks:

  • Aeos gems that you have received as a daily login bonus so far.
  • Acquired Holowear(s) of the month.
  • Hoopa set received as a first-time benefit.

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